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Video recorder – why should you have one?

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A camera for your car is a huge help. Discover the advantages of having a video recorder in your car. Here are our TOP 5!

Here are our ideas on how to get the most out of your DVR, but that’s not all. How do you use the camera?

1.Insurance – thanks to DVRs you will get paid faster by the road authority’s insurance for a collision with a tree branch, driving into a pothole or from your AC for a collision with an animal

2.Fines – if you do not feel guilty about the collision, you can show the recording to the police. The officer will issue an appropriate ticket based on the recording

3.Protection – a video recorder with motion detection can be activated, for example, if someone hits your car while parking. You will quickly find the guilty party

4.Evidence in a case – the recording from the video recorder can also be used in court. It will work to your advantage if, for example, you are accused of breaking the law or a hit-and-run.

5.Help in catching road pir ates – if you want the road pirates to disappear from Polish roads, you can share the recording with the police in order to catch a person who drives very dangerously.

(photo: pixabay.com)

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