Engine chip – is it really dangerous?

Engine chip – is it really dangerous?

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Chiptuning is a popular and simple way to improve engine performance in a car. So its advantages are appreciated, but more and more often you also hear about the dangers. Are concerns are fully justified?

Why chiptuning a car can be dangerous?

Popular engine chip consists of increasing engine torque using software. Seemingly such interference does not cause concern – the goal is to improve performance. It should be remembered, however, that the car sold together with the engine of the specified parameters undergoes numerous tests, which must pass before it reaches the market and will be used. Deciding on chiptuning we do not have the opportunity to check the extent of safety and life expectancy of the car in the new convention

Does chip tuning an engine help you get the most out of its power?

The argument that by chip tuning the engine we decide on a risky move, is sometimes beaten by companies that offer such tuning in a simple way. They accuse car manufacturers of the fact that a popular practice among manufacturers is to leave a certain range of unused engine power. The purpose is to be able to sell a car with one engine in different versions. Hence it is supposed to be possible and safe to increase the power of e.g. the Volkswagen 2.0 TDI from 143 to 170 hp.

In practice, it looks a bit different: parts with lower strength are used in those cars, for which lower performance is expected. Trying to improve their performance and adding more horsepower may therefore be a bad idea.

Which components are most prone to failure?

Engine chip allows you to improve parameters such as an increase in engine power and torque, and a marked improvement in the performance of the machine. Achieving such objectives requires interference with e.g. fuel dosage, turbocharger pressure or rev limiter. Extensive changes increase the chance that significant defects will occur. It is also possible that individual components wear out much faster. The most vulnerable components are:

  • injectors,
  • crank-piston system,
  • clutch,
  • gearbox,
  • turbocharger,
  • catalytic converter.

Car chip and fuel consumption

Very often the offers chiptuningu include information on reducing fuel consumption. In practice, the results of such changes are sometimes different – even intuitively, improved engine performance is unlikely to go hand in hand with an increase in its economy. Dishonest tuners even go so far as to manipulate the on-board computer to indicate lower fuel consumption than in reality.

Powerbox instead of chiptuning

Sometimes, instead of chiptuning, less effective but safer solutions are chosen. One of them is powerbox. What is it about? It is a type of controller that affects the dosage of fuel to the engine and its pressure. The result is an increase in engine power, which is noted even at the level of several percent. These are probably not good enough results for the supporters of chiptuning. However, it is worth pointing out the very large advantages of this method:

  • possibility of remote start and stop (return to factory settings of the controller),
  • additional power can be used only when necessary,
  • ease of installation (often the manufacturer’s online tutorial is enough),
  • less expected negative impact on the most sensitive components.

Before you decide to chiptuning – use common sense

Low cost chiptuning, which can be done for as little as 1000 zł are very tempting. So if you decide on this form of improving the performance of the engine, then be guided by common sense in making modifications. It is possible that we will meet on the market offers, which promise an incredible improvement in its power. It should be noted, however, that in Germany, high-end garages do not want to undertake chip tuning cars with a certain mileage. Often the contractual limit is the mileage of 100 thousand km. In addition, usually as a result of such interference lose the manufacturer’s warranty. So is it worth tuning the car in this way? This issue should be well considered

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