Lamps in modern cars – what technology was used there?

Lamps in modern cars – what technology was used there?

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The automotive market is constantly evolving. Cars with modern solutions are introduced to it. Fast development concerns not only equipment and appearance of vehicles

A lot has changed also in car lamps, which are one of the most important elements of every car. They illuminate the road and make the driver visible to other road users. In this way they take care of safety. How have they changed over the years?

How have the lamps in cars developed over the years?

Before we find out what car lamps are most popular nowadays, it is worth to find out when this part of the vehicle started to develop and change so intensively.

The beginning of the revolution in car lights took place in the 1960s of the twentieth century. Since then, many upgrades have been introduced to the market, and it seems that it does not end there. This is just the beginning of the revolution, as plans are already being announced for the development of lamps and increasing their functionality.

At the beginning ordinary halogen lamps of H4 and H7 type were most often used. Why were they popular? Responsible for their popularity was low and affordable price. However, the durability and quality of light were not good enough. This is why the search for new solutions began.

Xenon lamps – what distinguishes them?

Xenon lamps have appeared on the market. Their common name is discharge lamps. Their construction is very interesting and worth a little longer look at them. Inside them there is a noble gas – xenon. This gas is under high pressure. In addition, it is equipped with high-voltage electrodes that lead to ionization of the gas. This is why these lamps are able to produce light. The result is a long streak of light that is perfectly visible to the driver and, of course, other road users.

LED lamps – why are there so many of them?

The most popular nowadays are vehicles with LED lamps. Until recently, this type of lights in cars was used only for daytime driving. However, in 2008, they were used as both daytime and nighttime driving lights. Why is this technology so popular? All because it is energy efficient. In addition, its working time is very long and trouble-free. There is also no need for frequent replacement, which becomes an ideal solution for drivers for years. The use of LED in car lamps has made it possible to upgrade them. This is the reason why vehicles were created in which it is possible to switch the passing and driving lights between each other. Additionally, it is possible to adjust the height of the light beam so that it does not blind other drivers.

Cleaning the headlights while driving

It is worth knowing that in cars, solutions are used to increase the comfort of driving and using the vehicle. That’s why in some models there are separate wipers of lamps, thanks to which you can clean them on the road. It should be noted that you can get a fine for uncleaned lamps, because the mud and dust that collects on them, makes the light beam weaker, so that other road users are not able to see the vehicle on the road.

What modern car lamps are waiting for us in the future?

Automotive is constantly developing. That is why further revolutions of headlights are planned. In luxury car brands there are laser solutions, which have a range of light up to 500 meters. In addition, manufacturers are working to upgrade the lights in such a way that they indicate the danger on the roadway. This will make moving a car on the road safer and full of comfort.

Lamps are one of the vehicle parts that are extremely important for drivers. So it is worth knowing what headlights are best to choose now and in the future to ensure your safety and the safety of others.


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