Ways to increase engine power – effective and safe

Ways to increase engine power – effective and safe

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Who would not like to improve the performance of their four-wheelers at least a little bit, let him cast the first stone. This issue has been around since the early days of motoring – increasing engine power has been the subject of many lively and heated discussions preceding frantic trials and experiments. Fortunately, today’s libraries abound with specialized knowledge that presents proven ways to improve a car’s performance. In this article, we look at which of these are the most effective and safest!

Crazy experiments

Engine power, measured in horsepower, is one of the most important parameters that we pay attention to when buying four wheels. Generally speaking, engine performance can be increased through mechanical or electronic modifications. The difference between these methods lies mainly in the physical intervention in the drive unit


Chiptuning is one of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your four wheels. However, boosting power and torque is not always cost-effective – for example, in a naturally aspirated petrol engine, chip tuning results in a maximum performance increase of up to 5%. Due to the costs of such a solution, the price-performance ratio is quite poor

Chip tuning is based on expanding the existing limitations of the computer. The first method is to replace the Flash memory or EPROM (a type of digital memory in the form of an integrated circuit) with the control program built into the engine computer. The principle is to read the existing program and subject it to appropriate modifications and then upload it to the new system and plug it in place of the original one.

The changes usually concern: fuel dose, injection angle, turbocharger pressure, rev limiter and fuel injection pressure. As is well known, engines are designed to be quite stock, so there is a surplus of air in the combustion chambers, which can be skillfully used to improve the performance of your car

The biggest advantage of chiptuning is that there is no physical interference with the drive unit. Only the computer that controls the engine is changed. Therefore, the only limitations are the maximum capabilities of the engine and your knowledge and imagination.

Mechanical tuning

This method of improving performance is reserved mainly for cars equipped with turbocharged engines. It allows to improve performance even by 20-30% compared to factory parameters. The main element of mechanical tuning is the use of a sports camshaft, which changes the working characteristics of the engine – moving to higher revs

In addition, it is worth getting a new gearbox and exhaust system. The whole is completed by the aforementioned chiptuning. When it comes to improving the air intake, this can be done by installing a more efficient intercooler system. The supercharging system itself can be improved by replacing the turbocharger. These are absolutely basic changes, which are worth making in your four wheels.

More advanced and therefore more dangerous solutions include interference in the crank-piston system, injectors, timing, or engine pump. All this will significantly improve the performance of the power system and above all the performance of the vehicle

Power and fuel consumption

Engine tuning is rarely associated with increased fuel consumption. Professional chip tuning allows to achieve the highest possible performance of a given engine while maintaining optimal engine operation. What’s more, as a result of improving the power of the engine, the fuel consumption during everyday driving can be reduced by lowering the amount of fuel required to achieve similar results. Remember to modify your vehicle with your head and consult professionals and experts in the field

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