What is car detailing?

What is car detailing?

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The car is for use, driving is a natural thing. However, as it is used, it is subject to slight dings, scuffs and general wear and tear, which is normal. However, there are situations where the car must shine and be in impeccable condition. Then with help comes car detailing. What is it, when to use it and how much can such a service cost? We have already told you!

Car detailing – what is it?

This foreign sounding name from English means polishing details in the car. Cars often look like they are in poor condition even after washing, even though they are only a few years old. It is a matter of minor dirt and scratches, which over time accumulate and have a very bad effect on the appearance of the body or upholstery. Car detailing is such a SPA for a car, where specialists in a very thorough way clean, wash, polish and wax the car. Thanks to this process even a few years old car can look like straight from the showroom

Special equipment and tools are used for car detailing. Some parts, in order to thoroughly clean and restore them, need to be unscrewed and renovated separately. In such a situation, the most convenient place for such precise work are workbenches, where even the most lacey work can be done precisely, because the tables are stable, allow for perfect organization of work and speed up its pace

What does car detailing include?

Auto detailing takes care of virtually every area of the car. The car is not only cleaned from the outside but also from the inside and we do not just mean washing the upholstery. During auto detailing, internal parts of the car are also cleaned and renewed, filters are replaced and other elements which need to be replaced. One of the most important processes in auto detailing is the cleaning of air conditioning, both mechanical and chemical. Such a procedure should be performed in the car on a regular basis, not only during car detailing. Car detailing experts use professional equipment and preparations, for example, from Errecom, which make the air conditioning as good as new. Thorough cleaning and restoration does not only concern the air conditioning. With the help of specialized products and chemicals, such as professional car detailing products from Vertion, you can bring your car to a really perfect state

When is it worth using car detailing?

Car owners are tempted to do auto detailing usually just before the sale. A car, which despite its age looks as if it has just left the salon, can be sold firstly more easily and secondly at a higher price. However, it is a pity to spend money on a beautiful, renovated car to be driven by someone else. Therefore, it is worth performing car detailing every few years, not only to improve the appearance of the car, but also to keep it in good condition for years. Such a service lasts from 3 to even 12 hours and, depending on how long it takes, can cost from 250 to even 1300 zloty. Everything depends on how detailed detailing you want to do, how long it will take, what agents will be used and where you perform such a service. Usually car washes or workshops in smaller towns have lower prices than those in the center of big cities

Show your car some love and take exceptional care of it. With car detailing, you will not only make your car look like new, but you will also delay its wear and tear by at least a few years

Main Photo: kaboompics/pixabay.com

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