How to change the look of your car at a low cost?

How to change the look of your car at a low cost?

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Even the most vigilant car owners can’t stop an aging vehicle. If your car is showing signs of age, you can cheat destiny and impress more than one person with the help of a few inexpensive upgrades.

Steering wheel cover

A steering wheel cover adds a chic touch to the interior. There are many designs and types available, including leather, padded, carbon fiber and whimsical ones like tie-dye. You can also choose colors and themes, such as your favorite sports team or car brand. There are even covers that glow in the dark. It’s not just a cosmetic change; steering wheel covers can be more comfortable, cooler to the touch after you’ve toasted your car in the sun, or adherent for added safety

Replace the shift knob

Another simple way to make the interior look a little more refined is to replace the shift knob. Changing this piece isn’t just about looking better – some have a more comfortable grip, which can even mean faster shifts and better performance

Wax your car

A healthy dose of wax can give your car a shiny new look. The substance will also protect the paint from harmful elements and can save you from having to paint

Trunk organizer

Even the gentlest of people can find that their trunks become an unruly mess as things accumulate and shift while driving. A trunk organizer is an inexpensive purchase that can help keep this often untidy part of the car looking nice and neat

Install a rearview camera

This safety feature will upgrade your car, help with blind spots, and allow you to see what’s going on behind you. However, adding a rearview camera can be expensive in terms of installation and the type of screen your car requires. However, you can find inexpensive kits that are plug-and-play, plugging into your car’s reverse lights or electrical outlet for easy installation

Get seat covers

Seat covers are a staple in all industries. They give your interior a custom look, can be washed or wiped down if they get dirty, add comfort, and may just keep you cool or warm depending on what’s going on outside. You can also opt for pet-friendly covers. Choose from basic, moro, sheepskin and more. And if you really like the idea, in addition to the many colors and designs available, you can also get custom covers with a photo that you send in

Take care of the varnish

A high-quality paint job or even touch-ups by a professional can be expensive, so here’s a totally inexpensive way to hide minor, superficial chips and scratches in your car’s paint: a touch-up. It takes minutes or mere seconds to make damaged paint look more prominent. Speaking of the exterior, be sure to consider buying accessories such as chrome accessories. They will definitely add some spunk to your vehicle.


A rear spoiler affects the aerodynamics of your car, and by the way, it can slightly increase the miles per liter and help your car handle better at speed. You also have a choice when it comes to the type of spoiler, from those that stick with glue to those that require drilling. The cost also depends on the type of car you have, so keep that in mind if you’re hoping for a custom or adjustable spoiler. They aren’t just for cars either; there are spoilers for trucks as well


Switching to aluminum or another type of covering for your accelerator and brake pedals adds a unique look, but it can also have some benefits: you’ll gain a non-slip, scratch-resistant, and comfortable surface for your feet, as well as the illusion that your cheap car has racing genes

Get an exhaust tip

A tuning store is the place to get exhaust tips. Oval, square, round and rectangular exhaust tips are available and you can choose chrome, black or any other style. There is no real performance increase that comes with adding one, but the exterior appearance of your car will be noticeable. If you’re looking for an easy installation, avoid tips that require welding


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