Android Car – what is this option?

Android Car – what is this option?

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Are you thinking about using Android Car in your car? Do you know all the possibilities of this popular application? In the prepared article we present exactly the principle of Android Car.

Android Car mode is the ability to replicate selected applications from your phone to the screen in the car console. It is worth taking a closer look at this innovative solution, which is very popular.

The power of a smartphone

For several years now, this type of mobile device is very well known, and also widely used by the vast majority of people. In fact, standard models with a traditional keyboard have long been pushed out of the market. Users appreciate smartphones for their functionality and convenience. This, in combination with the Android system, makes the use of a smartphone a real pleasure.

The greatest satisfaction is provided by powerful applications that allow you to use a variety of solutions such as Google Maps with a great option to avoid traffic jams. More and more motorists use such applications on their phones while driving. That is why an application called Android Car was created.

What is Android Car?

Android Car is a type of interface that combines convenience of use (large buttons) with a limited number of features. When you choose Android Car, you can use your phone to make calls, or you can use special apps to help you navigate the road and travel longer distances

The main software you can use are Google Maps, Waze or Spotify, and Google Play Music. Android Car is also the use of specific communicators, such as Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype. An interesting solution is also the Google Assistant function, which can prove to be an invaluable support while driving. By controlling by voice, you can make driving very easy by giving the right commands to the program that processes the data received from the user

Using Android Car

If the vehicle has a screen, the application is displayed on it. The interface can switch between the app and the car’s system software. This makes it even simpler to use all the car’s resources. For example, if the air conditioning is controlled by the touch screen, there is no problem to simultaneously operate Android Auto and the operating system of the car from which you run it

The driver can also use the application via his smartphone. Then there is no need to connect the phone to the screen of the vehicle. It is enough that the application uses the microphone and speakers of the car. While using Android Car on the phone, the screen will not automatically go blank during a long drive

Connecting the smartphone to the car makes it possible to control it using the knobs and buttons of the car’s console, in a very convenient and intuitive way for the driver. This way, the user does not have to risk or break the law by using the phone while driving. The app allows the Google Assistant to be invoked with the steering wheel button, which also makes it easier to operate the system with voice commands. However, most cars today have a touchscreen, which is the most intuitive and easily learned way to navigate any system

Cars compatible with Android Car

Almost any car that comes with a touchscreen can use the Android Car app. If the car does not have a touchscreen, the software will work in conjunction with a smartphone. The list of car models that are compatible with Android Car is impressive. In fact, most modern vehicles have no problem operating it.


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