What kind of work on the car can you do yourself?

What kind of work on the car can you do yourself?

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Car broken down? Do you have to take a bus to get to work? Or maybe while driving you hear disturbing sounds or your car suddenly stops? Sometimes you know very well what is broken in your car and how to fix it, but you do not go to a mechanic. This does not mean, however, that without proper knowledge and experience you should do all repairs yourself. But what can you afford?

At home you take care of all the small repairs, but you never thought about trying your hand at a car? You are not alone in this. A huge number of drivers have no idea how much work on our cars can be done by themselves. You don’t have to pay a mechanic to replace an air filter, lights or reversing sensors – you can install all of these things yourself. Whether it’s car parts or Volvo truck parts, however, it’s worth making sure you buy them from a reliable dealer.

Battery problems

If your engine won’t start, before you decide to visit a mechanic, it’s a good idea to check the condition of your battery first. If it turns out that you only need to recharge it, you have nothing to worry about, it is an operation that can be easily handled by any driver. Depending on the situation, you just need cables or a charger. If you do not have them in your car, it is good to get them on sklep.prostowniki-akumulatory.pl to be ready for any circumstance

How to charge battery with cables?

First of all, be very careful! Although this is a relatively simple task, there is a chance that the battery will explode if a short circuit is created. It is extremely important to watch out for any hydrogen gas coming out (it is flammable) and avoid a fire source. With proper precautions, you can start by lifting the hood of the car and connecting the cables according to the markings, that is, match the red cable to the plus and the black cable to the minus. Attach the red cable to the unloaded car first and then to the working car, but it must have the engine turned off. While the first part of the black cable is connected to the minus of the car that is the source of electricity, the second part should be connected to the metal part of the other vehicle. Then the engine of a working car is started first, and only then the discharged car.

How to charge battery with charger?

If you are not on the road and have the opportunity to charge the battery in a more convenient place, use the help of a charger. Simply unscrew the clamps with a wrench (minus first, then plus), then remove the battery and move it to a level surface. When connecting the charger to the battery, start with the positive terminal. When charging, it’s a good idea to use a current regulator to set the proper current values.

Replacing the wheel

The simplest activity you can perform on your car is changing the wheel. You might even say that this skill is really useful! There are times when we have no choice but to replace a wheel. If you don’t know how to do it, you may have to call a tow truck or a friend who can help you. However, wheel changing kit and jacks should be in the trunk of every sensible driver. Remember that when you are on the road, even in such a problematic situation, you must take care to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users

How does a wheel replacement work? First, you remove the cap or detach the hub cap with a screwdriver or a knife. Then you unscrew the bolts with a special wheel wrench. Then you can use the jack to lift your car and bolt on a new wheel.

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