How to increase engine capacity? Here are the technical tricks

How to increase engine capacity? Here are the technical tricks

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When buying a new car, one of the most important things you look at is its performance. Is there any way to improve it? We present ways to increase vehicle power.

Electronic tuning – is it possible to increase the power of the car?

Certainly a large part of people interested in motoring met with the term “chiptuning”. As you can guess, it is associated with certain modifications that are made to the car. What exactly does it mean?

Chiptuning is an electronic increase in engine power, which is quite a large intervention in the factory settings of the vehicle. During chiptuning are mainly used some reserves left by car manufacturers. Thanks to such modifications, you can improve the performance of the car and know its capabilities anew. Many people decide to take such a step, however, there are also those who express their opposition. What are the advantages and disadvantages of chiptuning?

Among the advantages are mentioned primarily: lower fuel consumption, better driving dynamics, and of course more power to the car. Some, however, are skeptical about the solution, which is chiptuning. The main argument of those who are against this type of modification, is primarily a reduction in safety. It is, however, completely unfounded, because a well-made tuning on a dynamometer does not carry any danger

Chiptuning – what is it?

Chip tuning is one of two electronic ways to improve engine power. This modification is much simpler and also less expensive than mechanical. One of the most popular ways is to interfere with an existing program in the engine computer. Another method is to use a so-called box.

For many years, car engines have been controlled by a computer. The control unit is called ECU for short – it is where all the parameters of the drive are stored. They can be modified by chiptuning to increase performance, efficiency, or driving dynamics. In the case of turbodiesels, performance can be increased by up to 30%. If we are dealing with supercharged gasoline units – power and torque will increase by about 20%. Chiptuning is least effective in the case of naturally aspirated gasoline engines. Power increase of 5-8% may not be satisfactory.

When it comes to the cost of the service itself, you have to reckon with the fact that we are waiting for a considerable expense. We will have to prepare about 1000-3000 PLN. Chip tuning is a task for real professionals. If we want to make sure that everything will be done properly, it is not worth saving. It is also worth remembering that during such modification ECU controllers are interfered with – automatically we lose manufacturer’s warranty of the car.

Electronic tuning with a box

Box is an external module that is installed between specific components depending on engine type. It is usually implemented between the control unit and the injection pump or control valve

The idea behind all the changes made is to change the control signals and signals coming from sensors outside the engine computer area. Thanks to them the fuel dose is increased and thus the apparent increase in boost pressure. Other parameters remain unchanged. Manufacturers when designing engines also take into account some reserves, so that there is excess air in the combustion chambers. Thanks to it, you can burn an excess dose of fuel

How much does such a modification cost? Relatively little. The cost of the service usually does not exceed 600 zloty. One of the biggest advantages of using a box is the lack of need to interfere with the car’s controllers. This is especially important if we are owners of cars under warranty.

Mechanical tuning

Power in the car can also be increased by mechanical tuning. This is a physical intervention in the engine, which can increase performance by up to 30%. Mechanical tuning is especially recommended for cars equipped with turbocharged engines. In terms of changes made, usually camshaft is replaced, gearbox ratio changed, exhaust system replaced or turbocharger changed. There are many possibilities and each of them guarantees great results.


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