How to choose a driving recorder for a passenger car?

How to choose a driving recorder for a passenger car?

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Video recorder in a passenger car allows you to determine the circumstances of the collision and who is at fault, so the “black box” of the vehicle can be very useful in such situations. How to choose the optimal model?

What gives us a properly selected video recorder in the car?

Mounting a video recorder in the car, of course if we put on the equipment with the appropriate parameters, allows the user to obtain numerous benefits. The most important of these are:

  • evidence during a court case – in case of an accident or collision, we can apply to the prosecutor’s office to attach the video as evidence in the ongoing proceedings,
  • insurance companies recognize the evidential value of the video recording,
  • the recording allows to determine the perpetrator of the road accident,
  • the video recording helps to avoid prosecution by a person extorting compensation

Car camera or video recorder in the mirror?

The basic dilemma that faces a person wishing to purchase a DVR is the choice of one of two types of this device

  • usually choose a camera mounted on the back and front of the car, which is characterized by low cost and fairly good parameters. However, sometimes it can be a distracting element for the driver, because it is in his field of vision. Its advantage is also the fact that after removal it can be used for other tasks – it is characterized by high versatility,
  • video recorder in the mirror is a device that allows monitoring the rear and front of the vehicle; the image is displayed on the surface of the mirror, although it does not lose its usual functions. In this case, the device very discreetly integrated does not limit the field of vision of the driver

Rear camera and white line recorder are very useful

When choosing a video recorder for a passenger car, it is good to bet on a device with a rear camera and a white line recorder (LDWS). It may happen that just monitoring the rear of the vehicle will be useful. In addition, it happens that these functions will be used when reversing. LDWS, in turn, is one of the electronic driver assistance systems, which, thanks to the recording of the image from the camera, will warn us against improper lane crossing

The DVR must provide good quality video

The quality of the recorded image is one of the factors that we should pay attention to first. The better, more detailed and clear view of the recorded situation, the fewer problems we will have in a crisis situation e.g. in court. After all, it is to provide possible evidence that we install the DVR

The most important parameters that should be fulfilled by the DVR

Deciding to buy a camera with good image quality, we pay attention primarily to

  • resolution – the minimum is considered to be Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps; however, video recorders with even higher resolution are increasingly popular,
  • frame rate,
  • image sensor – responsible for processing of the real image into digital form. The minimum recommended resolution of the matrix in this case is 2 Mpix,
  • lens and aperture value,
  • viewing angle of the image.

Parking mode of the camera is very important

You should also pay attention to the parking mode of the DVR, which can occur as:

  • motion detection mode – the camera observes everything in its field of view during parking, but records only on the basis of motion detection. Understandably, it should not be used while driving a car,
  • passive mode with shock detection – the camera turns on in case of a shock felt from the G-sensor, which does not go to sleep. It is useful only when there was a collision involving our car,
  • active parking mode – the camera automatically enters the parking mode and turns it off after starting the car. In return, we get recording of events in the field of view of the camera, which lasts around the clock. There is only one disadvantage: such a device should be connected to an independent power source.


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