How does tuning affect combustion? We check!

How does tuning affect combustion? We check!

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Many drivers are concerned with reducing the fuel burn of their cars. This is one of the most common ways to reduce costs associated with the operation of the car.

Combustion in the car – what does it depend on?

The very maintenance of the car usually involves significant expenses, which vehicle owners are trying to reduce to a minimum. To this end, those looking for savings sometimes seek to reduce fuel consumption, which is influenced by many factors. You should pay particular attention to them if you want to reduce fuel consumption. These are, first of all, engine capacity, its power and the style and manner of driving of the driver

In addition to these, there are also a number of other key factors, among which we can enumerate tire pressure, improper gear shifting, excessive use of air conditioning, significant load on the car or excessive speed. Greater combustion may also be the result of an engine defect, with which you should as soon as possible go to a specialist mechanical workshop. The desire to minimize combustion results in the development of new ways to help achieve this goal. Does tuning also affect fuel consumption?

Tuning and combustion – what is its impact?

Tuning is often associated with various types of modifications that are aimed primarily at improving the appearance of the vehicle, increasing its acceleration or comfort while driving. These are of course correct associations, but they do not exhaust the subject. Nowadays, the task of tuning can also be to reduce fuel consumption, and thus reduce operating costs of the car. We are talking about the recently popular chip tuning. What does it look like and how does it work?

Chip tuning – what is it and is it worth it?

Chip tuning is a frequently used modification, which should be carried out in a specialized automotive workshop. Its task is mainly to increase the power and torque of the engine, while reducing fuel consumption, and thus – the expenses. It is worth noting that a professionally done chip tuning will also affect the increase in the level of safety of the driver of the vehicle and its passengers. So is it worth it? Definitely yes, if our goal is to reduce fuel consumption, improve the flexibility of our car or adjust it to our individual needs and preferences

How is done chip tuning?

Improvements made by chip tuning should begin with a thorough check of the technical condition of the vehicle. For this reason, making changes must be under the supervision of a specialist, so as not to lead to dangerous situations in traffic. If our car or other type of motor vehicle is operational, you can proceed to the actual chip tuning. A popular modification is the appropriate and very precise adjustment of engine work. You need to be careful that it is not overloaded in any way. At this point it is worth noting that not every car will be suitable for this type of change. Some models have parameters, which should not interfere with the factory settings.

Chip tuning is an electronic increase in engine power, usually carried out by releasing the so-called power reserves in it. The process itself is to connect the computer to the control panel of the vehicle, and then on the modification of the maximum allowable engine speed, boost pressure and fuel delivery.

Chip tuning can be applied to both diesel and gasoline engines, but keep in mind that in the case of some of the expected changes will not be possible. The problem may occur when working with older generation engines, models produced in the 80s or 90s.

Modifications carried out only in proven workshops

Deciding on improvements in our car, you should bet exclusively on a proven workshop, in which the work is handled by specialists. Chip tuning we start by checking the condition of our vehicle, so it is worth it to take care of it someone who knows his stuff. Similarly, with the very implementation of the modification and its check after the execution of the relevant activities. Properly conducted chip tuning will increase engine power, improve its torque, as well as minimize combustion, which is so important to us. What’s more, it can make the ride more comfortable, smooth and safe. Inadequately performed chip tuning may have many adverse effects, adversely affect the operation of the engine and fuel consumption, and lead to the appearance of the car unwanted defects.


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