Wood, plastic, or maybe something else? Design ideas for car audio

Wood, plastic, or maybe something else? Design ideas for car audio

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It is hard to imagine driving a car without the company of your favorite music. A good car audio system is essential! You can also take care of its appearance.

Car audio system

There is an audio system in every car. In some cars it may be a bit outdated, while in others it may be state-of-the-art. In general, however, we can distinguish a few basic elements. This includes the radio and speakers, which can be easily removed and replaced with new, better and more visually appealing ones. Many people decide to refresh the interior of the car in this way. With a small cost and effort, you can make the interior of the cabin will look really well, and listening to music will become pure pleasure

What should you consider when choosing a radio and speakers?

Car player is an indispensable element of car equipment, which significantly affects the comfort and joy of driving. Nothing makes a journey more pleasant than our favorite music. However, buying a radio can cause many problems. Certainly a large number of people are wondering what to choose and which equipment will best fit visually into the cabin. There are many interesting products available on the market, so everyone will be able to find something for themselves. Car radios and other audio system components are offered in different price ranges. The cheapest radio can be obtained for as little as a few dozen zlotys, but it will not satisfy the music lover and car audio fan

When choosing a player for your car, speakers or subwoofers, you should think about what functions you will need, but this is not the only issue you need to think about. For those who are interested in tuning, the appearance of the entire system will be crucial. Whether or not our audio system will look good will mainly depend on the material that was used to make it

Material for car audio

The appearance of a vehicle’s cabin interior can be improved in many ways. Some people change the upholstery of the seats, others replace the clocks or add chrome details. To make the car look as beautiful inside as it does from the outside, you can think about tuning the car audio. There are many possibilities and the only limit is your imagination. The finishes of car audio systems are usually made of plastic. There is no need to deceive yourself – this material is not very attractive in terms of visual aspect and moreover, it is extremely susceptible to various types of damage. So what can you replace it with? A good idea would be wood!

Wooden elegance

Wood is an extremely elegant and timeless material – it never gets boring. Why should we think about including wood in our car? It makes the vehicle absolutely unique – after all, no two pieces of wood are the same. Wooden car audio finish is therefore dedicated to all those, who appreciate originality and distinctive character. When it comes to durability of this material, you cannot complain either. Wooden elements are characterized by extraordinary durability and solid workmanship will further improve their resistance to various mechanical damages. Wood will also do well when it comes to sound transmission and resonance

While this fact may come as a surprise, wood has been used in automotive applications for a very long time. Manufacturers of such models as Mercedes w108 S-Class, Bugatti 57SC or Aston Martin DB5 have taken advantage of this wonderful material. Despite the fact that these are luxury cars, nothing stands in the way of obtaining at least a little bit similar effect in our vehicle at a low cost. It is also worth noting that wood is a hundred percent natural material, and therefore ecological. Choosing it instead of plastic, we will do very well

Sound system in a car and materials used

If you plan to start building a car audio system from scratch, you should think about sealing the cabin, to create the best possible acoustic conditions. This will make listening to music even more enjoyable. Some stores in their offer have special mats made of aluminum or butyl rubber. Their task is to maximally reduce noise and isolate vibrations. They are very often used in motorization, so nothing stands in the way of using them to build our car audio.

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