Does speaker color matter? How to match them to the car? We suggest

Does speaker color matter? How to match them to the car? We suggest

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As it turns out, not only the power of the speakers, but also their appearance matters. How to choose the right color solution for your vehicle? We will try to answer this question in this article!

Car audio is an important piece of equipment in every car. The productions that leave the showrooms often lack the power of the speakers. Only rich versions provide at the disposal of the driver audio from respected manufacturers. In the case of cheaper versions, unfortunately, this privilege is no longer available. What to do then? Regardless of whether your car is only a few years old or already a somewhat senile old man, you can always invest in your own car audio system. In this article we will tell you what you will need for it, and we will also answer the question how to choose the color of speakers for your car, which largely depends on the color of upholstery and dashboard, but more on that later.

Car audio – what components will you need?

A subwoofer is undoubtedly a “must have” when it comes to car audio. Are you hoping for a great experience, clear sound even with low tones? Then bet on this type of speaker. Subwoofer drivers are often located in suitably designed bass boxes – choose a large and powerful one. You will probably place it in the trunk, where there is plenty of space for a car audio component of this size

Another car audio component is, of course, midrange speakers. You will place them in the front doors (one-way) and in the rear doors (two-way). Under the rear window of the car you can also find at least two mid-range speakers, and here, too, the two-way ones will work well.

The last group are the tweeters, which should be placed under the windshield of the car. It is not worth buying them separately. It is best to opt for a separate system, in which there are midrange speakers for the side doors and tweeters under the windshield. You are assured that they will work perfectly together for demanding sounds.

You also can’t forget about the mounting parts, such as cables, adapters, adapters. We already wrote about this in one of our articles on car audio. Another thing you should remember about is audio player and amplifier. You can bet on four-channel or two-channel. The deciding factor will of course be the price. But let’s get to the point of the article, which is the colors of the car audio itself.

What color speakers to choose? Does it matter?

For some people it will not make any difference, they will opt for black speakers, because the door trim and upholstery will also be black. No wonder, not everyone appreciates good style and interesting finishing effect. However, there are those who pay attention to it. We are sure that this is you! We will divide the suggestions taking into account the colors of the car interior itself and matching the colors of speakers to it.

  • light upholstery, dark upholstery and dashboard – in this case probably the car is equipped with wooden elements or strips imitating wood. Usually, in this way manufacturers want to break the contrast between light upholstery and dark upholstery and dashboard. So we recommend you to choose speakers, which will also imitate wood. This is an interesting combination that will perfectly match the trim, but also complement and calm down the already mentioned contrast,
  • navy blue/black upholstery and dashboard – such finish is dominated by dark colors and is usually used in older cars or new cars with fabric upholstery, not natural leather. What will work in this case? Speakers in navy blue will be a reasonable choice. If you want to go all the way – go for something lighter, maybe blue or cafe latte – it can be a successful solution!
  • natural leather in dark brown and black dashboard – another common interior finish. Very stylish and elegant. No wonder that speakers in a similar color to leather will work here. We recommend these too!

Of course, you have more options at your disposal. Tuning is often about surprising yourself and others. How about car audio in red? Maybe green or white is your favorite color? Then choose such solutions – there are as many possibilities as there are offers in stores, where you can buy speakers for your car!

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