Does the appearance of the speaker in your car matter? Check out

Does the appearance of the speaker in your car matter? Check out

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The appearance of the speaker in your car can make a big difference not only for its appearance, but also for how the music it emits sounds.

What are the most common choices for speakers?

It would seem that choosing a good speaker is not difficult. You just need to make sure that it has the appropriate power rating. However, other parameters are important, such as maximum kHz or minimum Hz

Every driver, who decides to equip his car with additional parts, surely realizes the importance of investing in the car he owns. One of the elements of upgrading your machine is also upgrading it visually, be it on the outside with rims or stickers, or on the inside with details such as the appearance of car speakers.

Car speakers – what dimensions are popular and does it matter?

When it comes to car speakers that sound good and look good at the same time, the choice is really wide. However, before anyone decides on a particular model, they should also check other parameters that do not directly relate to the color in which the item is held, or the technical specifications affecting the sound of music, but those that may determine whether the speakers will fit into the car body.

Among the most popular products are speakers with dimensions that are suitable for the chassis in cars of older vintage. These models are usually articles in the size of 8.7 cm, 165 mm. The format of the device is also important, that is, where they are placed. Usually these are speakers in a package, it includes a subwoofer usually placed in the trunk of the car and two separate speakers mounted in the side doors of the car. Slightly better looking products may come at a higher price, but drivers who care about the image of their vehicle should have no problem spending a little more to enjoy the striking look of the car.

Car speakers that look impressive and sound great – which suggestions are worth your attention?

First, it is worth paying attention to a good subwoofer, because it is speakers of this type that are often chosen to complement the audio system in cars. Among the best are those from a well-known manufacturer – Pioneer. The TS-W311S4 model is sold without a box, but this is compensated by the detailed information on dimensions that is included in the product sheet, which allows you to easily order a matching enclosure. Its parameters include a sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) of 95 dB. The frequency range is between 20 Hz and 125 Hz. The maximum peak power is 1400 W, and the nominal impedance is 4 OHM. The Pioneer TS-W311S4 subwoofer has a classic look, that is, a balance of black and silver, which certainly affects its appearance well

The second proposal are two-way speakers Alpine SXE-5725. They can be connected directly to the factory radio in cars such as Ford Mondeo or Mazda 323. The speakers look very impressive with black surrounds and white interior. The technical specification is also very interesting. The power rating is 35 watts, two-way system, the minimum Hz bandwidth is 70 and the maximum frequency is 20 Hz. These speakers will look great in any car and additionally enjoy your ear with music in great quality.

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