TOP 10 – these brands bet on future design

TOP 10 – these brands bet on future design

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Automotive giants cannot afford even a moment of downtime. Every second lost translates into fewer chances in the fight with competitors for market position and customers. While one of the main arenas of competition is electric technology, the aesthetic aspect is equally important. We check which companies are implementing bold, futuristic designs!

The future that has arrived

Automotive companies are pushing the boundaries of “normal”. One of the latest stylistic shocks was Elon Musk’s Cybertruck. The eye-catching exterior and noticeable stylistic difference proved to be a hit – the Tesla concern has no time to complain about a lack of work. It is difficult to explain the phenomenon behind the success of this project. Angular design and clumsy lines a few years ago would have been met with a huge wave of criticism

It would seem that the American company is one of the few car manufacturers which dared to take such a big step into the future. However, the situation is quite different. Although we don’t notice it every day, the biggest corporations on the Old Continent have been working on concept models in futuristic and avant-garde style for years. The undisputed leaders in this respect is the giant from Bavaria – BMW. The Germans are redefining their style. Moreover, they have managed to do the impossible – to combine the past with the future. A perfect argument here would be the BMW Concept i4. It is extremely easy to notice the similarity between the front end of the i4 and the almost 100-year-old BMW 303. The designers have shown incredible craftsmanship and skill during the design work.

What’s beyond that? This is just the beginning. We present a compilation of ten brands effectively romancing the futuristic in terms of style. Brands are experimenting and you can’t hold it against them. Who knows, maybe soon everyday life will be closer to the reality known from science fiction movies?

Ranking – TOP10


The list begins with the brand Opel. Germans once again proved that they can in design. A great example is the experimental model Opel GTX – this combination of utility and futurism deserves praise. Opel will ideally serve as a transition stage between current and new trends


The next position on the list is occupied by the Japanese automotive company and its Viziv Tourer. It won its position in the list primarily with its bold shapes and predatory nature. The Viziv would fit perfectly in the lunar scenery thanks to its styling that draws from space designs.


The Czech company surprised me with a great balance of futurism and modernity. I would love to jump behind the wheel of Skoda Vision E. Designers did a great job – elegant and at the same time massive stylistic model would surely attract attention wherever it would be


As for the American leader in the electric car sector, in addition to the Cybertruck, the latest generation Roadster is worth noting. Particular attention should be paid to the interior of the vehicle, which could easily be used on the set of many a science fiction movie


The Japanese company surprised me with a bold vision in the design of at least the LF-30 model. Stylistically, it is closer to the Cybertruck than to the other vehicles on our list


Especially the original Exclusive GT model resembles a vehicle taken straight from the latest game by CD Projekt studio, Cyberpunk 2077. That’s probably a good thing, right?


Let’s move on to the wonders in the styling world. The Mercedes Vision AVTR is a design surprisingly similar in style to the vehicles designed for the movie Tron


In addition to the much more modern i4, BMW has the BMW Vision Next 100 concept design – the embodiment of the automotive imaginations of key people in the automotive industry.


The Ferrari F80 shows a unique approach to sports cars of the future. Then again, the Italians have had a unique view on car styling for decades, which has translated into their huge success


The Terzo Millennio (3000) model looks much more like a modern fighter jet than a car. The designers’ interesting vision certainly deserves attention.

(Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

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