Modern bluetooth headphones. See what features they have

Modern bluetooth headphones. See what features they have

For the driver
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An indispensable gadget for every driver and courier, a Bluetooth headphone makes life on the road easier. With the advancement of technology, stores have been flooded with competing devices in terms of quality and battery life. We check out the latest offerings and advise you on choosing the right headphone.


Greater comfort, free hands and freedom of movement within a range of up to a few dozen meters – thanks to these advantages, the Bluetooth headphone has become a craving for many of us. What’s more, unlike traditional headphones, mono devices do not pose a danger in traffic. This is due to the ability to talk and listen to your surroundings at the same time

Reasonable offers start from 50 PLN. However, the best devices cost several hundred PLN. In the final part of the article you will find offers that are worth attention.


Drivers care about the function of efficient conversation while working, so I will focus primarily on this aspect of headphones. What to look for when choosing the right device?


A key desirable aspect will be the ability to pair the device with your phone. While you shouldn’t run into problems with Android, iPhone owners may get a migraine trying to connect to an iOS unsupported bluetooth headphone. In addition to compatibility, many drivers will be looking for the ability to connect two phones at once – with additional business cells. However, only high-end devices offer this feature

Battery life

Another priority is the ability to use the handset for long periods of time. The need to constantly monitor the battery level misses the point. The active working time of the device, depending on the brand, can range from a few to several hours. The best headphones can last as long as two weeks without the need to plug in a charger. Equally surprising is the time to fully charge the battery – in the vast majority of cases, it won’t be more than two hours.

Sound quality and range

Next, we’ll turn our attention to the handset’s connection quality and maximum range of smooth operation. The sound quality is directly affected by the ambient noise cancellation feature. This is a crucial issue due to the considerable distance of the device from the user’s mouth. Also pay attention to the fact that the handset is equipped with the latest possible version of Bluetooth interface (3.0 and above).

Newer versions of the interface offer greater operating range. When you are on the road, you often have to move at least a few meters away from your vehicle, be it at a gas station or a mandatory rest stop. In this case the ability to receive and transmit a signal even at a distance of 30 meters from your cell phone will prove invaluable.


The fit to the ear is a major factor in the comfort of the handset. A stable and snug fitting headphone will make you able to forget about it while driving. In my opinion, it is best to choose a model with a headband that covers the auricle – they look similar to the headphones used by athletes

Additional features

In addition to the most basic functions, modern Bluetooth headphones also offer a number of other capabilities. Some models allow direct playback of music or podcasts, which is great for long night drives

Another feature is connection with navigation or mobile assistant, which automatically reads sent messages and allows you to voice reply without having to stop.

Our suggestions

Samsung Bluetooth EO-MG920

Price: 65 PLN

If you have a small budget, this model from Samsung will be perfect. EO offers the best value for money. Standby time is about 12 days; active use is 7 hours and the range is 10 meters.

Plantronics Explorer 55

Price: PLN 150

Explorer is a device from a slightly higher shelf, which offers up to 11 hours of active use and 12 days of standby time. A huge advantage of Explorer is a built-in noise cancelling function and the ability to efficiently pair the headphone with navigation or music playing application. Moreover, the microphone guarantees good quality of transmitted voice.

Plantronics Voyager 5200

Price: 600 PLN

Voyager 5200 is an absolute top shelf device. With built-in Bluetooth 4.1, the Plantronics works flawlessly within 30 meters of your phone and is much more energy efficient than its predecessors. The Voyager also has a number of additional features – including the ability to mute the speaker using a button on the handset’s casing.


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