The most interesting accessories for motorcyclists – TOP 10

The most interesting accessories for motorcyclists – TOP 10

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There are many types of accessories available in the market designed for motorcyclists. Useful and practical gadgets improve the comfort of motorcycle use and increase the pleasure of riding itself. Check out 10 most interesting accessories for every fan of motorcycles.

TOP 10 interesting accessories for motorcyclists

Motorcycle accessories include various types of clothing, tools, motorcycle chemicals and useful gadgets that make everyday riding easier. They are not only interesting accessories, but also have a real impact on the comfort and safety of the rider. So they can be a great idea for a practical gift for every fan of motorcycle trips.

Rain suit

A good quality rain suit is an accessory that will certainly make every motorcyclist happy. This suit is perfect especially during longer trips and changeable weather. The suit protects against the cold, getting wet and also ensures good visibility on the road

Heated grips

Heated grips protect hands from freezing. They can be especially useful when riding in rain or at night when the air temperature drops significantly. Heated grips can also quickly dry wet gloves. Some models allow for temperature level regulation and mode selection.

Motorcycle cosmetics and chemicals for motorcycle clothing care

Motorcycle cosmetics are divided into preparations that care for the condition of the machine and make it shine and look great. We are talking about waxes, shampoos and other additives that will make the vehicle look like new. Also noteworthy are cosmetics for the care of overalls

Phone holder

The phone holder is nowadays the basis, without which it is difficult to imagine travelling on long distances or moving around an unknown city. Holders allow, above all, easy use of navigation. Good quality phone holders are resistant to various types of shocks, so they are suitable for driving on any surface. Their installation is easy and does not require interference in the structure of the vehicle.


Intercom is an extremely useful and functional gadget. It is a helmet mounted device, allowing for comfortable communication with other motorcyclists. Intercoms are also very useful during solo trips, where you can listen to navigation messages or your favorite music.

Sports camera

Sports camera is a fantastic gadget with dual use. It can record the sporting exploits of the owners of motorcycles, as well as serve as a video recorder. It will allow you to view the recorded material, for example during a collision or traffic accident.

USB socket

Motorcycle USB socket is an extremely useful gadget, allowing for quick and easy charging of electronic devices such as phones or intercoms. It will be perfect during long journey when you need to charge your smartphone or navigation device.

Luggage accessories

The most popular types of luggage accessories include bags, panniers and trunks. These are gadgets which allow to pack necessary things for the journey and transport them safely. This solution will be appreciated both by riders going on long journeys and those for whom a motorcycle is only a means of transport to work.

Crash pads and gmole

Crash pads and goosenecks are robust and durable accessories designed to protect the motorcycle during a fall. These elements move the motorcycle away from the asphalt, thus preventing damage to it. They fulfill their function both during an inconspicuous overturn of a machine at a standstill and during a road crash. Their installation is relatively simple and does not require interference in the structure of the motorcycle.

Brake disc lock

A brake disc lock is one of the ways to protect a motorcycle against theft. Disc locks with an alarm are a mobile solution which increases the safety of the vehicle when parked in any place. It is perfect for both shorter and longer routes when the driver does not want to take heavy security equipment with him.


The above presented accessories and gadgets are only a small part of what the motorcycle market offers. Surely, however, every motorcyclist will find something for himself among them.


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