Rules for riding a motorcycle in winter

Rules for riding a motorcycle in winter

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Riding a motorcycle in winter means exposing the rider to negative weather conditions. There are many things to consider and a number of rules to follow. Which ones? About it in the article.

Proper assessment of the situation

The most important thing to consider is whether you should get on a motorcycle in winter. Depending on how difficult the conditions are, sometimes it is better to give up this option. However, if you are embarking on a winter road trip, make sure you prepare in the right way. It may happen that bad weather will surprise you in the middle of the route. You should take this possibility into account and bring a rain suit.


The most important clothes are those that help to keep the neck and head warm, because it is through these parts of the body that the body cools down most quickly during a ride. So it’s worth putting on an extra balaclava and wrapping your neck with a scarf. It is often the case that the visor in the helmet quickly becomes foggy, so it may be necessary to unseal the glass. In this case, it’s a good idea to wear an extra hat.

It’s a good idea to carry extra warm clothing in your motorcycle trunk throughout the winter and fall. In extreme conditions, i.e. if frost or snow catches you in the middle of a route, stop and put on anything that can fit under your motorcycle clothes. Any extra clothing can protect you from frostbite.

It’s best to put a rain suit on top to protect against wind, rain and cold. Protect your hands from the frost with an extra pair of cotton gloves, over which you can pull on rubber gloves. A good solution may be mulled cuffs and heated motorcycle clothing.


This is an obligatory point of a longer winter trip. You should plan stopping points where you can warm up. If it is possible, it is worth eating warm meals during the breaks. The stops should be long enough for the body to regain its normal temperature. If you feel that poor weather conditions are threatening safe riding, stop in an area reasonably sheltered from the wind and try to warm up.

How to drive?

It’s easy to lose control of a motorcycle in winter conditions. This is true even for the most experienced riders. Use proper riding techniques in winter. The proper speed in these conditions is one that will keep your wheels perpendicular to the roadway. This means that you need to slow down on the straight and, even more so, on curves. To maintain maximum grip, don’t make any sudden steering, don’t brake hard, and don’t accelerate.

It is best to take corners with as much bend as possible, reducing the lean of your bike. In case of a skid, you need to release the brakes and let the motorcycle go. Take advantage of the fact that the motorcycle is small compared to the car. Choose to go between the tracks that cars have left because they are slippery or ride on the side of the road.

It’s best to practice your skills in a parking lot before hitting the winter road. However, perform all maneuvers with caution. It is necessary to check the condition of your motorcycle. Winter tires are essential. They will give you a comfortable ride and certainly increase your safety on the roads. Also check the condition of bulbs and lampshades. In winter, the day ends much sooner, so there is a high probability that you will be riding in the dark. It’s a good idea to visit a motorcycle store to stock up on the necessary gear, whether it’s clothing or motorcycle retrofitting.

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