The electric motor of the future – what range might it have?

The electric motor of the future – what range might it have?

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The future is upon us, and electric vehicles could be a big part of it. What opportunities does this segment of the automotive market offer us in the coming years?

Technology is constantly moving forward

Many people are wondering when the average driver will have the opportunity to move around every day in an electric car. The large availability of this type of vehicle is largely related to their price – currently, the cheapest, smallest models from the showroom cost about 100 thousand zlotys. From year to year, however, the situation in this respect is gradually improving, and at the same time a few years old, second-hand electric cars are coming into circulation. For this reason, the share of such vehicles in road traffic is constantly increasing – according to forecasts, the number of electric cars on Polish roads may reach even 1.5 million.

Another key aspect is the ratio of the driving range to the charging speed. This is the problem, which currently concerns mostly the cheapest electric vehicles, which offer about 200 kilometers of driving on a single charge. With the current development of technology, we can look to the future with considerable optimism. Until recently, vehicles with such a drive were for us something unimaginable, futuristic and distant, in addition, they cost a lot and could only drive a few dozen kilometers. Currently, this is an increasingly common and affordable choice

Interestingly, in larger Polish cities we can also drive an electric car within the Uber application. In this case, we are talking about Tesla – a brand that is revolutionizing this market and proves that emission-free future is getting closer.

What does driving an electric car look like at this point?

Earlier we mentioned that in previous years, the main problem in many vehicles was the rather short range that an electric car offered. In addition, there was the issue of charging, which was available in a small number of places, making it even more difficult to use electric-powered vehicles. Currently, however, we can observe a significant increase in the number of charging stations in Poland – most often they are located at large parking lots or shopping malls. The capabilities of the engines themselves have also increased significantly. Currently, a large part of cars with such a drive can go on a single charge the distance of 400 kilometers.

Charging an electric vehicle gradually ceases to be a problem

Although the price of the car itself is much higher, providing electricity to the engine is a long-term cheaper choice than refuelling. An important issue is also the capacity of the battery and such a prosaic fact as the amount of available time. We can plug the vehicle into a regular 230V household outlet – charging will be much slower, but may be cheaper. Another option for home charging is to purchase a device called a Wallbox. If we use a charging station, we have to reckon with relatively high fees, which are even higher if we want to fill the battery in a short time.

Decrease in efficiency in winter

We must note, however, that weather conditions can still have a significant impact on our driving experience. During cold winter days, we may notice a significant decrease in the range and overall driving comfort of an electric vehicle.

Range of currently available electric cars

Even at this point, electric cars present performance that meets the needs of most drivers. Charging is becoming easier and more accessible, and range can reach up to 400 kilometers. Every car is different, however, and many models will not be able to record such high performance. Most models at the lower end of the price spectrum will need to be recharged after only about 200 kilometers. A lot of importance here has the way we use our vehicle. For drivers who drive mainly in the city, a result of 200-250 kilometers will be fully satisfactory.

What range can electric motors of the future have?

In recent years, we can see a significant increase in the capabilities of electric cars. Manufacturers are developing newer and newer power solutions, which translates into greater efficiency. According to expert analysis, the range of an average, relatively inexpensive electric car in the coming years will be about 450 kilometers. In 2028, we can count on the values reaching 700 kilometers. This result will allow us to drive quite long distances – it is similar to the distance we can cover with a full tank of a small petrol car. It is worth noting here that these values apply to average models. In the case of high-end solutions, in a few years we can count on breaking the barrier of 1 000 kilometers on a single charge.

Choosing an electric car is not without flaws, but it is an extremely attractive option

In economic terms, it may seem attractive option to purchase a used electric car. However, we must keep in mind one aspect that distinguishes this type of car from its solid fuel counterparts – the batteries often tend to gradually lose their maximum charge. For this reason, after a few years of use, the range of the car may drop drastically, forcing the replacement of batteries

However, we hope that specialists from companies in the EV segment are also working on this problem – electric cars are not only an important step in the development of motoring, but also a huge opportunity for the environment. We are currently facing an increasingly visible problem of ecology, and moving away from fossil fuels can significantly contribute to saving the Earth’s climate

It’s worth being optimistic about this market, especially given the rapidly expanding range of electric cars. Even their infamous prices are starting to drop a bit, which could mean that we can expect electric cars to become more popular in the near future. The future looks exciting – already this market is gaining momentum and apparently has no plans to slow down.

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