How to choose a hands-free car kit?

How to choose a hands-free car kit?

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Do you want to buy a hands-free car kit, but don’t know what to look for when searching for the right model? Then read this article and find out what to look for when choosing a hands-free car kit.

Why is a handsfree car kit an essential accessory?

Regardless of whether you have a budget-class phone (about how to buy a good smartphone for 700 zł read in the list or the latest iPhone – making phone calls while holding the phone in your hand is absolutely prohibited. Legal basis: Ustawa o Ruchu drogowym z dnia 20 czerwca 1997 r. (Article 45, paragraph. 2, point 1), “The driver of a vehicle is prohibited: using a phone that requires holding a headset or microphone in hand while driving. Violation of this regulation may result in a fine of PLN 200 and 5 penalty points.

Apart from the risk of getting caught during a roadside check, you face much greater danger. Holding the smartphone and making a call or using mobile applications distracts you. Instead of concentrating on the road and driving, you are using a small device that affects your senses of sight, hearing and touch. Besides, you need both hands to drive safely, and with a phone in your hand you practically lose control of the vehicle, especially in an emergency.

On the other hand – especially on long journeys – you simply need the phone to stay in touch with family and co-workers. You can’t always stop in a parking lot to have a quiet conversation. That’s why hands-free kits for drivers are commonplace equipment.

Drivers sometimes turn to technologies that have been around for years, like single, wireless in-ear headphones that make hands-free phone calls possible. However, in many cars, hands-free kits prove to be the best and most convenient device. This equipment uses the Bluetooth standard and connects wirelessly to your smartphone. It has a built-in speaker that emits your voice and a microphone that picks up what you say.

What to consider when choosing a headset?

Here are the most important factors to consider when buying.

Call quality

A key difference between different handsfree models is the quality of the connection, which is due to better or worse components – led by the microphone and speaker. Reputable manufacturers take care of the quality of both the reception and the emission of the voice by equipping the equipment with echo cancellation and noise reduction, for example.


An increasingly common feature of handsfree kits is the ability to pair them with two smartphones at the same time. This is great news for people who use, for example, a private and a business phone on a daily basis and who often travel by car. By the way, if you’re looking for the right smartphone for your business or personal use, use the comparison engine

Other parameters

HFCK users agree that other selection criteria are also important, such as

  • battery life (usually converted into hours of talk time),
  • automatic switch-on and switch-off function when entering or leaving the vehicle,
  • durability of the design and mounting.


In conclusion, it should be emphasized that the price should not determine the final choice, although we know how important it is. Especially that the price range of the devices reaches amounts approx. 50-500 PLN.

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