Cup holder – how to choose the right one for the car?

Cup holder – how to choose the right one for the car?

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The functionality of the car’s interior is fundamental. Unfortunately, manufacturers often forget about extras that can make a trip easier, one of which is a place for a cup or thermos. That’s why more and more vehicle users are ordering cup holders, a convenient solution that makes driving more comfortable.

Cup holder – what exactly does it mean?

Cup Holder is nothing more than an English name for a beverage holder. Interestingly, the genesis of this tool is related to wicker or metal holders for tea glasses. Perhaps you remember how such items were hosted in the homes of your grandmothers or mothers? The most important advantage of this solution is that you can stabilize a drink of any temperature, without having to hold it in your hands. This is a great convenience especially for hot coffee or tea.

It should also be added that the cup holder significantly improves safety while driving. After all, holding a cup in one hand while driving is not a wise choice. The described holder is relatively simple in design, most often found in the place of air vents. Attached to them, it adjusts to the diameter of the cup. However, it is worth mentioning that there are more types of cup holders on the market; a few of them below.

Types of available cup holders

In many cases, the cup holder is already equipped with the car itself. Some manufacturers make sure that such solutions to make driving easier and safer are installed. However, there is no denying that in certain vehicles they are missing or too few, especially in those city models. In online stores we can find cup holders, prepared by the manufacturer itself. However, there is no shortage of cheaper substitutes, which are also distinguished by interesting design, as well as technical solutions.

One of the most frequently purchased cup holders is the one we have already mentioned, that is, mounted on the ventilation grille. If the manufacturer has not decided to mount the holder or it is located in a place that is not quite handy, such a solution can make a big difference. Do not worry, on the web you will find hundreds of models of cup holders in such an issue. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about lack of stability, the holder is designed to hold steadily to the ventilation grille and, of course, keep your drink upright.

Another example is the board usually mounted in the back of the front seats in a car. Prepared with passengers in mind, it can hold both a cup and a meal on a plate. It is worth noting, however, that it is not deep enough for the cup to hold stably on it. Then it is better to choose a holder mounted to the front seat headrest beams, for example. 

How to choose a cup holder for your car well

When choosing a cup holder, pay attention first of all to the material from which it is made. Steel or wooden devices will work great, they will be very durable. Cheaper substitutes, on the other hand, are made of plastic. We do not recommend products made of upholstery or leather, they can get dirty. Also choose subdued colors that match the interior finish of the car. The most popular color is undoubtedly black, although you don’t have to go that route at all.

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