This navigation will help you with your driving – our TOP5!

This navigation will help you with your driving – our TOP5!

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Anyone who has ever been lost in a strange place, knows how such a situation can affect the bad mood. With help come navigations, which can pull you out of the worst predicament. See which ones we consider the best!

A good navigation is one that has a large map base, leads precisely and has a long period of updating new roads. It is also good if it has information about traffic intensity and points where speed cameras are located. These are the navigations we have chosen for our ranking. Not only well driving, but also offering as many useful features as possible.

Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S WiFi

The Garmin DriveSmart, is a multi-tasking navigation device. It has a 6.95-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 × 600, plus it has lane assist, highway exit service, or route avoidance (like highways or toll sections). On board is the Garmin Real Directions feature, which is designed to guide the driver not only by street names, but also to suggest characteristic points of specific places. Additionally, the device is equipped with Bluetooth, so it can also serve as a hands-free set. Besides, there is also WiFi for map updates, which are free for life

MIO Spirit 7800 FEU

The Mio has maps provided by TomTom, which guarantees good navigation quality. Moreover, it has a comfortable magnetic mount, so you don’t have to struggle with precise placement of the device. From the additional features here we have the option “find my car”, allowing you to find the location of the vehicle, for example, in a crowded parking lot. In addition, the LearnMe Pro option is designed to learn the driver’s driving style and adjust optimal routes based on that. There is a free lifetime update here too.

TOMTOM Start 62

This device can be bought in 4, 6 and 7 inch versions. The navigation has very good maps and offers a lane assistant. The manufacturer also talks about a free software update. Besides, 3 months of subscription “speed cameras” informing about speed limits and as the name suggests – about speed cameras

MIO MiVue Drive 65 EU LM Truck

Navigation designed specifically for professional drivers. In addition to navigation, on the back of the device is a wide-angle camera that serves as a video recorder. The camera records in Extreme HD 1296p quality, which ensures good image quality. As an option of the device, there is a Truck mode, which is optimized for vehicles over 3.5 tons, thanks to this solution it avoids roads that are inaccessible for heavy vehicles and optimizes the route best for trucks. The navigation also has a system that warns about lane crossing and informs about traffic jams and obstructions. Like other devices, it has lifetime map updates as well as a speed camera database

Garmin Overlander

This navigation device is the most expensive of all those shown so far, but it is worth mentioning. Unlike the other devices, it is also designed for off-road fans. In addition to the features designed for trucks, it can also plot a route for off-road vehicles. The device comes with topographic maps, and the traveled routes can be bragged about on the internet using the Garmin Explore app. You can also view other users’ routes there. The device is dust and shock resistant, so it can withstand the toughest conditions


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