What is buzzer – we explain!

What is buzzer – we explain!

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You know that feeling when you quickly get out of the car and try to rush ahead because you’re already late? But something reminds you with a beep that you forgot something. That’s the buzzer

Where can we find a device called a buzzer, or buzzer?

Buzzer, also called buzzer, beeper or buzzer, is a very useful device. Despite appearances it is not only used in cars. Many electronic devices are equipped with buzzers, which emit a sound signal and inform about the beginning or completion of some activity by the device. Sometimes they inform about failure, such as low battery or other irregularity

Modern refrigerators can be equipped with buzzers – when the door is not closed for a long time, kitchen scales and hygienic scales – they activate a buzzer during calibration. Microwaves inform about the end of the heating process by means of a buzzer. Buzzers can also be found in cash registers, alarm system controllers and panels and desktops used in game shows or toys, the so-called joy buzzers, thanks to which you can play pranks

The most well-known application of buzzers is their placement in car electronics. This device will inform us that the lights are on when we open the driver’s door, suggesting that we exit without turning off the headlights

Types of buzzers and how they work

A buzzer is nothing but an acoustic signaling device controlled by electronics. It is used to communicate between the device and its user. We can distinguish its three basic types:

  • Electromechanical buzzer – its construction is similar to that of an electric bell, but it lacks a metal case and a hammer. It emits an acoustic signal similar to buzzing. Sometimes a buzzer of this type is constructed using an electromagnetic relay, connecting it in such a way that it breaks its own control circuit
  • Electromagnetic buzzer – similar in construction to a very small speaker, in which the part generating the acoustic signal is a metal diaphragm attached to a magnet moving in the magnetic field of the coil
  • Piezoelectric buzzer – the principle of operation of a piezoelectric buzzer is based on the piezoelectric phenomenon. The element that produces the acoustic signal in this case is a membrane attached to a plate made of piezoelectric material. Under the influence of electric voltage the piezoelectric plate changes its shape, thus emitting an acoustic signal

It is worth noting that electromagnetic and piezoelectric buzzers can be purchased in two variants. The first one is equipped with an internal generator, while the second one is not. Buzzers with an internally mounted generator are extremely easy to use and the only element needed to activate them is to apply power

Using buzzers without an internal generator is a bit more complicated. To use them properly, an external circuit generating the periodic voltage is required. This is necessary in order to drive the electroacoustic transducer, using the periodic voltage

Buzzer man’s best friend

No matter what kind of buzzer is in our car, the most important thing is that it properly fulfills its task. One of them is precisely reminding about turned on lights when we want to leave the vehicle. It helps to reduce battery consumption to a large extent. After all, everyone wants to avoid an unpleasant surprise, when we return from shopping to the car, in which the battery is exhausted because of the lights on or the radio turned on. Buzzer can be called a man’s best friend, although its sound can put us in a mood of strong irritation

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