Engine swap – what do you need to have in your garage to perform it?

Engine swap – what do you need to have in your garage to perform it?

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Drivers often look for ways to improve the performance of their car. It often happens that the car after years no longer meets your expectations, and you wonder what modifications you can do in such a situation.

There are several solutions, and one of them is an engine swap. Find out what the process is like, as well as what you will need to make this change. Is it as easy as it sounds?

Is an engine swap difficult?

It may seem that an engine swap is not so much simple as it is trivial. After all, all you have to do is move the engine from one car to another. In reality, it is much more difficult than it may seem. It is a task that takes a lot of time and what’s more, you need knowledge and experience to do it. You will definitely not learn how to do an engine swap on your own from an online tutorial. Here you need experience and extensive knowledge. If you are considering doing such a modification in your car, it is better to give the vehicle in the hands of a person who knows his stuff and will do it professionally.

What should you keep in mind when performing an engine swap?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to do an engine swap. First of all, you need to choose the right engine that will work properly in your new car. It is good if the engine comes from the manufacturer of the same car, and even better if it is the same model just with a different horsepower. This way the mounts will be almost identical and it will be easier to match them. In addition, you need to remember that the law approaches such changes differently. Engine swap is not illegal. There is no number and type of engine in the registration certificate. In addition, during the inspection and technical examination, no one pays attention to what engine is in the car. However, insurance companies approach the matter differently. If a collision occurs and the insurance company realizes that the engine in the car has been changed, it may refuse to pay the insurance.

What Tools You’ll Need

Are you looking to do an engine swap and thinking about how to prepare? In addition to the engine, you will need the right tools to make the swap. Professional companies that deal with such modifications usually have a workshop crane, so that you can safely move the engine from one car to another. With this device, the risk of dropping the engine and damaging it is significantly reduced. It may seem that such a device costs really a lot, but on online auctions you can buy it for about 400-700 PLN.

How much does an engine swap cost?

Engine swap is quite an expensive investment. If you decide to get help from a specialist, then for such a service can count 1000-1500 zloty. It is worth knowing, however, that deciding to replace the engine, you should also make changes in other parts of the car, which will be matched to the power of the car. We are talking about such parts as:

  • turbocharger,
  • computer,
  • gearbox,
  • brakes,
  • manifolds,
  • wiring harnesses.

These are other additional costs that need to be added. Why is it necessary to replace these parts? Only thanks to this they will work in accordance with the engine, while the operation of the car will be smooth.

Knowing everything about how to replace, as well as what equipment should be used when swapping the engine, you can get down to modification. However, if you are afraid that you are not able to make such changes on your own, opt for the help of a specialist.

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