360 degree cameras – what cars offer this option?

360 degree cameras – what cars offer this option?

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The development of electronics installed in cars is extremely fast and efficient. This is especially true when it comes to safety; the latest models are literally saturated with all sorts of sensors watching over our safety. In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the most modern technological advances on the market: the 360-degree camera.

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By their very nature, fractures result from incorrectly performing parking and reversing maneuvers. It is extremely difficult to see the entire space around the vehicle – the mirrors, despite their many advantages, create so-called blind spots that give a false sense of security. This has often been the direct cause of fatal hit-and-runs and tragic collisions

Fortunately, drivers of newer cars have recently been equipped with assistants that provide the necessary information about the vehicle’s immediate surroundings. However, their path to the automotive mainstream has not been easy. Work on the first prototypes began as early as in the 1970s and 1980s and only recently did the leaders of the automotive market decide to invest in such solutions. Better late than never.

What is a 360-degree camera?

In practice, the camera allows you to observe the car from a bird’s eye view. This is extremely useful when assessing the distance to objects in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. Interestingly, the precision of the device is so high that it easily allows you to miss an obstacle by millimeters. In addition, 360-degree cameras are also equipped with audio warning systems, which prove invaluable when parking in tight parking lots.

The name of the technology is somewhat misleading, as the cars equipped with it do not have one, but four (or more) cameras, invisible at first glance. The bird’s-eye view is actually a combination of images from all the transmitters

Which models are equipped with it?

In earlier years, 360-degree cameras were only found in premium cars due to cost. However, over the years, the technology has become noticeably cheaper by significantly reducing construction costs. As a result, the vast majority of new cars offer this extremely precise technology. Which ones are worth paying attention to?

Volvo S90

In addition to the multi-functional overhead view, the system created by Volvo also allows you to switch freely between cameras. The cameras are located – in the grill of the car (more precisely, inside the manufacturer’s logo), both mirrors and in the rear bumper. The 360 system is just a milestone on the way to semi-autonomous vehicles that we will soon see on the streets of European cities.


In the case of Tesla models, we will find as many as 8 cameras on the body. The advantage of this solution is a much more accurate image without the characteristic blurs that can make life miserable for many drivers. The level of advancement of this technology in Elon Musk’s cars is positively surprising – after all, more systems that make up autonomous driving are already being introduced. For example; the latest Tesla models can park themselves.


In the case of this huge German SUV, the implementation of a 360-degree camera seems to be a natural step. Due to its dimensions, this car does not cope well in tight streets or parking lots. The introduction of 360-degree technology makes it possible to utilize the available space to the millimeter, thus making urban everyday life much more bearable

Mercedes GLB SUV

The proposal of another German automotive giant also has a lot to offer. The system relieves the driver already at the stage of looking for a parking space. With a virtual line that predicts the car’s rolling route, you’ll know right away if you have enough parking space.

Skoda Octavia

In the case of Skoda, the 360-degree system can be found in the Octavia, Octavia Kombi and selected SUVs. On moto.pl website an unusual test was published, presenting the capabilities of the system designed by the Czech manufacturer. We must admit that Skoda cares about its customers. The system in question has become part of the Skoda range.

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