360 cameras – in which cars will you meet this system?

360 cameras – in which cars will you meet this system?

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Every year, security systems gain the latest technology. One such gain is the 360 degree camera system. The overarching function of this system is to eliminate blind spots around the vehicle. See which cars offer the best 360-degree technology.

Blind spots

Many traffic incidents result from a lack of sufficient visibility – from the side, rear, or front of the vehicle. Despite additional mirrors or common rearview cameras, the blind spot problem doesn’t go away. This problem is especially true for larger vehicles such as trucks or buses, which by their design do not serve to improve visibility on the road. They pose a huge threat, especially to pedestrian road users

Purely theoretically, the blind spot phenomenon results from the fact that it is impossible to cover the entire area around the vehicle with car mirrors. And here the 360-degree camera system shows its usefulness

Principle of operation

Practically every new car is equipped with a rear-view camera located above the license plate, which is activated when putting the car into reverse. In the case of 360 cameras, the situation looks different. It might seem, quite rightly, that this system consists of a single camera recording the area around the vehicle. However, this is difficult to realize with current technology. Therefore, this system is based on at least four cameras placed at the front, rear and on both sides of the vehicle. This begs the question – how are they able to cover the entire area around the car?

The cameras are only responsible for providing information to the system. The next step is to virtually combine the recorded material from the mounted cameras. The information about the surroundings is transferred to an interface that presents the car from a “bird’s eye” perspective. This provides the driver with visual and audio information about hazards in any part of the area around the car

As with the parking sensors, the 360 Camera feature is automatically disabled when the speed limit is exceeded – usually several kilometers per hour

Because of its functionality, this system is invaluable when navigating around town. Tight streets and parking spaces are very often one of the causes of traffic incidents and collisions. Not a day goes by in which at least one car does not suffer after mishandling. It is estimated that thanks to the widespread use of 360 cameras system the number of accidents will drastically decrease. Most importantly, the system will help to take care of the health and lives of pedestrian traffic participants. Especially the youngest ones, who are often victims of unfortunate accidents

Taking into account the mentioned aspects of technology, it will and should be a basic equipment of all new cars. Therefore, it is already worth looking around for a car with a 360 camera system

Key suggestions

Volvo S90

The Scandinavian car company in recent years bet on the development of 360 technology and as one of the few offers this system as an equipment option. In most models, cameras are located in the grill of the car, mirrors and in the rear bumper. In addition to the 360 function, Volvo’s technology allows you to switch between each camera at will

Audi A6

The German conglomerate has also noticed the potential of 360-degree technology. In the latest generations, the danger of damaging the vehicle while maneuvering is practically negligible. A6 are equipped with as many as 5 cameras!

Nissan Juke

Another proposal comes from the Land of the Cherry Blossom. Japanese company has developed its own system called Intelligent 360 degrees Camera System. The cost of the package offering this functionality starts from 2.5 thousand PLN.

(Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images)

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