How to give a car a sporty feel?

How to give a car a sporty feel?

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Would you like to transform your car to look more like a sports car than a passenger car? Wondering what changes will give you that? In the following article we will advise you on what to change and what to pay attention to in order to give your equipment a metamorphosis.

Before you start modifying, you need to think carefully about the effect you want. Remember that not every change may be possible in your car. Some of the modifications you can do yourself, while others, the more complex, it is better to entrust an experienced mechanic, who will be able to advise whether it is really good to make specific improvements.

What can be replaced?

Sports cars are first of all special suspension. If you want to lower and stiffen them in your vehicle, choose the right types of springs. Suspension modifications are often given to older models. Keep in mind that the older the model, the more difficult it may be to find replacement parts. For example, you can easily find replacement springs for BMW 3 E46 in automotive online stores. When changing the suspension you also need to replace the stabilizers and shock absorbers. This will make the car drive more confidently. If you do not want to lower the suspension, you can decide to replace the bumpers and sills on such, which will make the car visually look like it has a lower suspension.

The next step is to replace the engine for one with higher performance, or chip tuning, which is a change in software engine drivers, consisting of a significant increase in torque. Remember that the tuning of this part should not be done alone, if you do not have the appropriate equipment and sufficient knowledge.

You can also make changes in the exhaust system. At the beginning you can modify the tip of the exhaust, for example by installing a special cap. Along with the change of the exhaust and installation of a sports muffler, the amount of decibels during operation of the car increases. It must not exceed 96 dB for diesel and 94 dB for gasoline engines. The size of the exhaust pipe must be matched to the power of the engine – the wrong choice will result in a decrease in performance.

To give the car a sporty character you can also install:

  • turbocharger.
  • intercooler.
  • a new gearbox.

Changes to the exterior

A good and relatively simple solution is to change the lights. The modification is possible as long as they have the appropriate approval and the lamp itself meets the legal requirements. For example, you can install LED lights in the daytime running lights or mount halogen fog lamps.

The biggest visual change, in addition to the possible change of paint, is the installation of a spoiler, which will also improve the aerodynamics of the car

Other activities that are worth doing are:

  • installation of wide bumpers.
  • replacement of rims.
  • change of tires for wider ones.

Where to look for parts?

If you are interested in spring replacement for VW Passat B5, check catalogs of stores on the Internet, where detailed specification is available.

You can also find replacement springsfor Mercedes C CL203 or other models of this brand online. Of course, you can also find them in stationary stores. However, at the beginning it is better to get acquainted with the assortment offered on the Internet, where you can check the details of a given part faster. This will save you time and money – online parts are sometimes cheaper than the ones you can buy stationary.

If you decide to change the appearance of your car to a sporty one, you need to familiarize yourself with the legal standards that tuned vehicles must meet. Also, remember to be sensible when making modifications and not to make modifications that may affect the safety of driving the car on the roads.


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