Gadgets for the driver to make packing easier!

Gadgets for the driver to make packing easier!

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Packing before a trip is often a breakneck task. That’s why we’ve prepared a practical guide to the best gadgets for drivers. These will make packing a hassle-free experience.

A car is a wonderful invention, making it easy to travel short distances, but also allowing you to travel much longer distances. In either case, the gadgets we have prepared for you will prove very helpful.

Bag adjusted to the size of the trunk

The perfect alternative to bulky suitcases. Kjust bags were designed in cooperation with the biggest car manufacturers. This allows them to fit into any car trunk. This way you can make maximum use of the available luggage space. With Kjust bags your car will become even more spacious. As independent tests show, the use of this detail increases the luggage space even twice.

Trunk organizer

In addition to the just mentioned bag, you can also place a practical organizer in the trunk. A large number of compartments and storage spaces are ideal for the small items you take with you on your journey. The different sizes of the compartments make this organizer even more functional. It is ideal for people who go fishing, camping or survival. Arranging all small items in practical pockets will help you keep perfect order in the car and avoid nervous searching for the needed thing.

Rear seat organizer

The rear seat is a part of the car you can use as a luggage space. All thanks to the practical organizer, which is mounted on the rear seat. Its undeniable advantage is easy access to it without having to stop the vehicle and open the trunk. In the organizer you can place small items that you usually need during a drive or a short stopover. From now on you will have everything at your fingertips.

Stable roof rack

If you don’t have enough space in your car, you can add a solid roof rack. This practical accessory provides you with up to several hundred liters of additional luggage space. A great advantage of the roof rack is its streamlined shape, which does not significantly increase air resistance. The stable attachment to the roof rails guarantees the highest level of safety. The roof rack maintains a high level of watertightness and protects the contents from adverse weather conditions.


The cooler is an important accessory for anyone planning a long trip. The purpose of the cooler is to keep food and drinks at the optimum temperature, thus keeping them fresh for a longer period of time. Refrigerators come in different sizes. This allows you to adjust the container to your individual needs and possibilities of your car. It is easiest to place it behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat. This ensures easy access to its contents.

Luggage retaining cables

A feature that prevents your luggage from moving during a long journey. Flexible cables with strong catches adapt to the size of items in the load compartment. Particularly useful for dynamic driving and rough terrain. To secure luggage, simply tie the cable around it and attach to a durable vehicle component.

Anti-slip mat

An alternative to hiking rope is an anti-slip mat. It can be adjusted to fit the size of your trunk. When placed at the bottom of the trunk, it prevents luggage from shifting while driving. Depending on your needs, the anti-slip mat can be rolled up and removed from the trunk at any time. Provides traction for traditional suitcases as well as plastic or glass containers.

Stick-on pocket

A pocket made of strong mesh is another small detail, which can increase the luggage space in the car. It is worth noting the universality of this solution. The pocket can be sticked on the window and behind the back seat. It is an ideal place for small items, to which you want to have access at any time.

Under-seat storage

The practical under-seat storage can also be mounted under your legs. It’s the perfect place for sandwiches, water and other small items that you’ll need on the go. The tote should not be mounted under the driver’s feet. Interestingly, it can also be used as a practical waste garbage can.

Velcro-type carry case

The Velcro trunk is mounted in the trunk. It is a good place to store items that are particularly vulnerable to damage. In addition, the practical container provides stability and protection from light.

Such a large number of available accessories allows you to equip your car with gadgets that will make long journeys and everyday commuting much more pleasant.


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