Turbine installation in an undercharged engine – the most important information

Turbine installation in an undercharged engine – the most important information

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Read how a turbocharger should be installed in a non-supercharged engine. We explain what elements are worth paying special attention to.

The turbine is one of the most important components for the engine, which adds power and character and increases the dynamics of the car. Below the most important information on how to replace or repair the turbine.

Work principles

As with any assembly, so also here, when it comes to the installation of a turbine in the car, you need to follow the rules contained in the instructions. This is not only a condition for proper operation of the turbocharger but also a way to protect the drive unit against accidental damage. Due to differences in construction of individual models of turbines the diagrams for installation of turbochargers differ. This makes it all the more important to be careful and carefully review the given diagram in order to properly install the turbocharger.

Step by step

Due to fundamental differences in construction of turbochargers and engines for which they are intended it is impossible to approach each installation in the same way. There is however a general description of actions required for proper installation of a turbocharger in a car engine.

At the beginning – both in case of replacement and repair of the turbine – it is necessary to check the cause of failure. It is necessary to assess the patency of the pipes in the air flow areas. It is also necessary to check the condition of the EGR. The next step is to clean the engine vent system. All old components should be replaced with new ones. An important step is to clean the lines of carbon build-up, foreign matter, and residue from the failure.

An important step is to verify the tightness and condition of the oil supply line to the turbine. If any damage or leaks are found, it should be replaced with a new one. Another stage is cleaning the exhaust manifold and checking its condition for possible cracks or deformations. It is also necessary to check the condition of the DPF and catalytic converter. In some cases, an oil change may be needed.

Only new gaskets, bolts and pins need to be used during the change. They must be able to withstand high temperatures. Take special care when tightening the screws and avoid using silicone.

The next step is to connect the pipes coming to the turbine except for the one that drains oil from the turbine to the engine chamber. Then start the engine and observe whether there are no leaks and whether the drive unit together with the turbocharger work properly.

After the assembly a test drive should be immediately performed in order to check the tightness of the system, possible leaks and correct operation of the turbine.

Cooperation with the workshop

Service Center for turbochargers specializes in complex repair and replacement of this type of equipment. However they don’t always correctly assess the reasons for failure of the turbocharger and that may result in repeated failure of the equipment after installation of a new element. In this case it is worth to cooperate with a trusted repair shop so that it can timely assess the cause of the turbocharger failure and repair it. This way, it will be able to ensure that the engine works for a long time

One of the causes of turbine failure can be previous damage to the engine, such as through overheating, seizing, leaking, presence of foreign objects or neglecting to change the oil.

Some service companies apply certain procedures, which improve the process of repair and further exploitation of the turbine. In the warranty card they give data concerning reasons of failure and method of repair. It is so important because cars can break down in the least expected moments, for example, during a long trip outside the place of residence. To make a repair, then you need to use the services of a mechanic, who will see our car for the first time. Then, if the repair is just about the turbine, you can quickly determine by the history of repairs, what happened before. The service book is extremely important for the proper operation of the vehicle. From a buyer’s point of view, it is good to know what has been done to the car so that you can provide a history of the vehicle at subsequent services. It makes life much easier for people working on repairs of such cars, and protects the car from misdiagnosis and untimely replacement of components.

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