How to crank up the engine power? We suggest!

How to crank up the engine power? We suggest!

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Performance offered by the manufacturer is not enough for you? Check out how to safely increase the potential of your unit!

When is it worth overclocking the engine, and when is it inadvisable?

Each of us is guided by different priorities in the context of car ownership. Some look at looks and travel comfort, others at safety systems or functionality, but a really sizable number of drivers also consider the performance of their car, especially if it is not to be the first vehicle in the family. 

Although the number of horsepower is not always a perfect and infallible indicator of the power of a given car, it undoubtedly works on the imagination and is capable of making a really big impression. Sometimes, however, what the factory offers is not enough for us.

Of course, on the market we are able to find many different ways to conquer the capabilities of our unit. However, it is worth remembering that this solution will not always be completely safe for the condition of the motorcycle. This does not mean, however, that we are not able to come across relatively safe ways to increase power. So what in particular should we mention in this context?

The best ways to safely boost the power of our unit

As we have already mentioned, there are really many ways to increase the potential of the drive unit in our car. However, if we are planning a minor adjustment, without getting more involved in mechanical issues, a very good step in this case will undoubtedly be chip tuning. With its help, it will be possible to change the engine map and safely unlock its potential. This is because manufacturers in most cases leave a certain reserve of power – all in order to extend the life of the unit.

But what if we are planning larger changes so that the effect itself is also much more visible? We can, for example, replace specific components of the entire system, such as, for example, the turbocharger, bore out the engine block or replace specific components with ones that have more performance characteristics. There is also the option of performing a swap, that is, a complete replacement of the unit, but not only is this operation quite expensive, but on top of that it is fraught with certain risks. 

Where to look for help with engine tuning?

Of course, engine tuning, whether you opt for a mechanical or electronic option, should not be done alone. First of all, this is an easy way to lose the warranty, and secondly, in this case we risk damaging the unit. However, all over Poland, especially in larger cities, you should not have any major problem finding good tuning studios, which will be able to offer you many interesting solutions. This will bring your car’s capabilities safely to a much higher level!

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