Are there schools of tuning in the world? We check

Are there schools of tuning in the world? We check

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Are you bored with the current look of your car? All it takes is a few modifications to make you like your vehicle all over again. Here is the most important information about tuning. Is it possible to learn it?

Car tuning – what is it?

Tuning is a broad term that includes visual changes of the car and in some cases modification of certain parameters. It should be borne in mind that not every change can be applied. Not everything is allowed – these issues are regulated by law

Tuning is nothing else than changing the standard appearance of the vehicle and its factory settings. Many people decide to do it. Some of them want better performance and capabilities, others want originality and original look of their machine. When it comes to the external appearance – you can change really many things. Most often, however, the color scheme is modified. When it comes to technical parameters, you need to be careful. Unfortunately, drivers can not enjoy full freedom in this matter.

How can a car be tuned?

Changes made in car tuning can be divided into three basic groups. The first is mechanical tuning, the second is electronic tuning and the third is optical tuning. When it comes to the first group, the most commonly performed modifications include:

  • replacement of pistons and connecting rods,
  • changing the camshaft to a sports camshaft,
  • use of an air filter with increased air throughput,
  • use of high energy spark plugs,
  • installing a turbocharger,
  • gearbox replacement.

With the help of changes in software, it is possible to affect many properties of cars. Parameters that are most often modified as part of electrical tuning include:

  • maximum speed,
  • maximum engine speed,
  • ignition angle,
  • injection angle and injection time.

Optical tuning is aimed at general change of vehicle exterior. Thanks to it you can get interesting, and most importantly unique effects. Such modifications are usually done by drivers who want to feel unique on every road

How to start your adventure with tuning?

Do you dream about a unique car and its great performance? It is time to start your adventure with tuning. But where to start? In order not to hurt your beloved machine you need to know what is allowed and how each change will affect the parameters of the vehicle. You can change a lot of things, but does it all make sense?

One of the most important things you should do before you start playing with tuning is to think about what budget you want to allocate for this venture. Next, it is a good idea to analyze the possibilities that the aftermarket offers us. Depending on the model, their availability may be more or less.

Tuning schools around the world

Interested in tuning but don’t necessarily want to test it on your car? It would be a great idea to start your education in this field. More and more faculties or schools are opening, which educate their students strictly in terms of car tuning. There is a growing number of institutions around the world whose offer may be of interest to enthusiasts of both optical and mechanical modifications. Best of all, some of them are located in Poland. Here is one of them.

Car construction and tuning at the Warsaw University of Technology and Economics

One of the most interesting majors that can be chosen by candidates interested in the topic of motoring is the specialization in vehicle engineering and tuning. The automotive industry is changing very dynamically. Not only in terms of advanced technology and facilities, but also in terms of what is fashionable and what is not. Top automakers are coming out with more and more interesting ideas that are sometimes hard to keep up with

If you are a person who would like to try your hand at the automotive industry, the presented course will be a hit. The University of Technology and Commerce in Warsaw meets the needs of the market. Classes are taught by experienced professionals who will share their valuable knowledge during lectures and laboratories. In the future you will be able to use it, working as a real professional in your field.


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