Speaker cables for the car – which ones are worth investing in?

Speaker cables for the car – which ones are worth investing in?

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In addition to amplifiers and a bass box, a car sound system also consists of cabling that connects the various components of the sound system. We advise on what to look for when selecting cables for your audio system


Speaker wires are the primary wiring component in a car sound system. It’s the connection between the transducer and the amplifier terminal or cube at the head unit. When it comes to powering woofer, midrange or tweeter speakers, which have a relatively low current draw, cables with a cross-section of about one and a half square millimeters are sufficient. However it is important that they are made of oxygen free copper, which is characterized by much better conductivity in comparison with its oxygen contaminated counterpart. A much more expensive option will be cables doped with silver or those completely made of this raw material. They are characterized by much higher conductivity.

Another issue is the variety of varieties and technologies used by speaker cable manufacturers. Speaker cables are characterized by very high strength and thickness, which ensures that our connection between different elements of the system will be durable and long-lasting.


Quality is one of the key elements that contribute to the longevity of a cable. Speaker cables should have durable connectors, which will stand up well to even the toughest wear and tear, because this is usually the element that endures the hardest. The plugs are coated with high quality gold or silver – this is to make the tip resistant to abrasion and increase the quality of signal transmission. It is by far the most sensitive element of the circuit. The best option will be plugs with a self-tightened tip; this translates into a tight contact, which is extremely important in signal transmission


The thickness of the cable has a significant impact on choosing the right speaker cables for your car. It is related to the parameters of our device to which the cables are to be connected; the speaker determines the diameter that will be suitable for our audio system. If the power of the audio equipment does not exceed 70 watts in specification, we can afford an AUX cable with a rather small diameter of the cable. In the case when the power of the device will be in the range from 70 watts to 120 watts, the best solution will be a cable with a diameter of 2.5 mm. If the elements of the sound system exceed the limits of this range, it will be necessary to use a cable with a diagonal of at least 4 mm

Available technologies

The last characteristic of speaker cable that we will discuss is manufacturing technology. The cable splicing techniques and constructions used vary in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. There are the following types of technologies used.

  • Time Correct – this is a technology that is used and employed by some of the market leaders. The design used allows one and the same unit of time, high and low frequencies to pass through directly
  • Magnetic Flux Tube – the turn cable helps to obtain a natural sound and to increase the quality of bass.
  • DuraFlex – this mark is given to cables where the outer layer is made of durable and resistant materials.
  • Air Foam PE – this type of technology works well with high frequencies.
  • Bass Conductor – the bottom of the cable is equipped with an additional “conductor “, whose task is to support the bass, in order to achieve greater depth of sound.
  • BassCore – works well with low frequencies.
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