Engine overhaul or replacement – how to increase the power of your car

Engine overhaul or replacement – how to increase the power of your car

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Increasing the power of your car is the dream of every driver and car fan. There is the option of changing the settings or overhauling the engine, which seems like a simple solution. However, according to some experts, the better option is to opt for an engine swap. Which way to improve the performance of the power unit will be more effective?

When is it advisable to opt for engine overhaul or replacement?

There are many ideas for tuning and making changes to your car. Some people, instead of opting to buy a new car, want to look into making modifications to the model they already have available. This is to increase the power of the engine and improve the performance of the vehicle. However, is it worth it? Making such changes in the car is definitely cheaper than buying a new model. However, for such modifications you need to spend really a lot of time. If you want to make your car has more power, moves at a higher speed and impresses with the parameters and performance, then engine replacement or overhaul are the best and most effective solution. It’s time to answer the question of which of these options is better.

Is an engine overhaul worth it?

It’s worth noting at the outset that an engine overhaul is an expensive and truly complex operation. A major engine overhaul is not a viable option for many people. However, in some cases it is even necessary to be able to move the car. When is it worth deciding on such action? An engine overhaul makes the most sense if the mileage of the drive unit is already high. When is the best time to make such changes, depends on the car. In some models you can decide to overhaul when the engine exceeds 350 thousand kilometers of mileage. In other cases, you can wait for another 100 thousand kilometers. Deciding on such an action, you need to prepare for:

  • disassembly of the engine and accessories,
  • engine block regeneration,
  • engine head regeneration,
  • engine crankshaft regeneration,
  • installation of new rings, pistons and valves,
  • installation of new guides,
  • installation of a new timing belt and chain,
  • installation of a new multiple V-ribbed belt.

Such an operation may cost even several thousand zlotys.

Is it worthwhile to replace the engine?

When replacing the engine you can decide to install a more powerful drive unit. However, the construction of the engine should be the same so that it can be perfectly matched to the car. Replacement of the engine is associated with much less effort and expense than its repair. A new engine can be bought for about 1500 PLN. Of course, the price depends on the type of drive unit. In addition, you have to reckon with the expense of assistance, because removing the engine and putting a new one in its place is not as easy as it may seem. For the help of a specialist you need to pay about 500 zlotys.

There are different ways that help to improve the performance and increase the power of the car. Which option is best to choose depends on individual expectations and financial capabilities.

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Main photo: Tim Samuel/pexels.com

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