Tuning of exhaust system – step by step

Tuning of exhaust system – step by step

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Do you dream of making your car sound better? Are you wondering what should be done to achieve the effect you desire? In this case, decide on tuning the exhaust system. This, however, is not as simple as it may seem – it is necessary to make many changes. Find out what and start improving your car.

Is it worth to do exhaust system tuning on your own?

You think that replacing the basic exhaust system for a modern and sporty one is nothing difficult? On the surface it is an easy task, however, you should know that it requires experience. So if you do not know how to get down to it, you do not have the right tools, and what’s more knowledge, it is necessary to go to a mechanic. Why is it best to opt for the help of a specialist? All because the work of the exhaust system is affected not only by the quality of the chosen parts, but also their installation. If they are mounted incorrectly, a failure may occur, and thus the manufacturer may not recognize the warranty. Unless the parts are installed by a specialist – then the warranty will be recognized. So if you do not want to risk, it is better to trust a person who has changed many exhaust systems and knows exactly how it is done.

What is worth remembering when replacing the exhaust system in the car?

Before you decide to replace the exhaust system with a better model, it is necessary to check the parameters of your vehicle before tuning. If you want to do this, decide to go to the dynamometer. This will allow you to find out what parameters your vehicle currently has. Then make changes within the exhaust system and use the dynamometer again. This way you will be able to determine whether there have been changes for the better, or nothing has changed, or maybe on the contrary – the parameters of your vehicle have decreased.

Tuning the exhaust system – where to start?

There are several steps that should be kept in mind when deciding on tuning the exhaust system. All of them are necessary to make sure that the components have been properly installed and will work as intended by the manufacturer and your expectations. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to replace your exhaust system:

  1. First, choose quality components from a well-known and respected manufacturer.
  2. Next, you should carefully disassemble the old exhaust system.
  3. Then you can move on to installing the new exhaust. It is worth remembering that it should be installed without any tension.
  4. All the bolts in the exhaust system should be sprayed with an aerosol that performs well even in high temperatures.
  5. Use high quality gaskets for sealing.
  6. When installing, it is a good idea to replace the rubber slings with new ones, even if the old ones seem intact.
  7. Remember to use special pins on the hooks of the slings.
  8. At the very beginning the clamp that fits the chassis should be installed.
  9. Then you can proceed to the installation of the muffler.
  10. It is worth remembering to lubricate the smaller pipe with heat-insulating paste
  11. Very important is also the yoke, which should be placed in the middle of the pipe connection.

Keeping these details in mind you can be sure that the exhaust system will be mounted in the correct way.

Is it worth it to decide on tuning the exhaust system in the car?

Are you wondering if it is even worth it to decide on such a step? You should know that by replacing the exhaust system you can change many parameters in the car. It will change not only the sound that the vehicle makes when moving, but also the speed, fuel consumption and much more.

What changes can be observed when you decide to replace the exhaust system?

When replacing the exhaust system, it is worth choosing the installation of an exhaust corrector. This part makes that after replacing the exhaust system also changes the power and torque in naturally aspirated engines. In addition, you can decide to install a more impressive sports catalytic converter. In cars with a gasoline engine it is also necessary to change the pressure of the turbocharger.

It turns out that tuning the exhaust system is not as easy as it may seem. It is a change that requires several modifications in other parts of the vehicle as well. If you decide to make such a change, get help from a specialist.

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