What does a threaded suspension consist of and how do I put it on?

What does a threaded suspension consist of and how do I put it on?

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Among the most important parts of tuning a car is changing the height of the vehicle. One of the best ways to lower the body is threaded suspension. What is it? What does it consist of and how to install it?

What is threaded suspension?

Suspension is one of the most important elements of a car, responsible for safety and comfort of driving. One of its types is a threaded suspension, which allows adjustment of the height of the car body. Slightly more advanced models of the mechanism also allow you to stiffen the car. Threaded suspension is a type of modification of the chassis system of the highest class.

What does a threaded suspension consist of?

The construction of the threaded suspension is not very complicated. The mechanism consists of four spring assemblies, consisting of springs and the shock absorbers within them. There are threads on the outer casing of the shock absorbers to adjust the ground clearance of the car. For this purpose, the kit also comes with special nuts, discs and a wrench.

Advantages and disadvantages of threaded suspension

The biggest advantage of threaded suspension is to improve the traction of the car. Lowering the suspension also translates into lowering the center of gravity, and this results in increased vehicle traction, which is especially important when driving quickly into corners

Threaded suspension also affects the stiffness of the car, and thus – a more efficient interaction between the vehicle and the driver. The stiffening of the car structure makes the car drive more comfortably and confidently. In addition, threaded suspension also has undeniable aesthetic qualities, especially in combination with low profile tires and wide rims. An important advantage of this solution is also the fact that it is a reversible procedure, so without major problems it is possible to return to the factory settings of the car.

In addition to these undeniable advantages, the popular “thread” also has several disadvantages, which include the need for regular maintenance and cleaning, and accelerated wear of other suspension components. In addition, the undoubted advantage, which is the stiffening of the vehicle, in clash with the bumps and poor technical condition of the roads may not fully fulfill its task and make driving over long distances will be more tiring and burdensome.

On which cars is threaded suspension installed?

A threaded suspension is the most suitable for sports cars, which take part in races on tracks. In addition, the installation of this type of suspension are fans of tuning, wanting to give their “four wheels” a sporty, feisty character. This solution is also popular among fans of large diameter rims, which do not look too impressive with a standard suspension.

How to install threaded suspension?

The best way to install threaded suspension is to use the offer of car services. It is not uncommon that its installation requires a number of modifications, related, for example, to the manner of attachment of parts.

In addition, self-installation of threaded suspension can result in a loss of car warranty, since most manufacturers require that all such upgrades and repair operations are performed only at reputable service centers

How to adjust threaded suspension?

Adjusting a threaded suspension is a relatively simple process to perform. The biggest problem here may be having to put the car on a jack. To adjust the suspension, there are plates and nuts. After lifting the car, adjust the nut to the correct height, and then counterbalance. Repeat for all wheels of the vehicle. If the effect is satisfactory, you can remove the car from the lift.

Tuning in the form of lowering the suspension of the vehicle is a relatively easy process, which largely translates into comfort and driving comfort, and also significantly contributes to improving the appearance of the “four wheels”. Considering the various ways to lower the body, it is worth taking into account the installation of threaded suspension. With a simple adjustment, it will allow you to independently adjust the height of the vehicle to the needs and expectations of the driver.

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