Where to place the speakers to get the best sound?

Where to place the speakers to get the best sound?

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A good sound system in a car is very important for many people. Often thanks to this they can show off to their friends not only the excellent appearance of the car, but also the sound of the audio system.

Why should you pay attention to where the speakers are placed?

It is worth to have the speakers properly placed. First of all, to be able to fully utilize the potential of your devices

It is not uncommon for a driver to know that improperly mounted sound sources, in this case car speakers, may not only fail to emit music in an appropriate quality but even after some time start to crackle and rattle. This not only prevents us from listening to our favorite tunes, but we also begin to wonder if improperly placed speakers will cause additional problems.

The solution is to be well prepared, first to purchase and then to install the speakers. For this, you need to properly plan the placement of cable trays, as well as adjust the dimensions of the speakers so that the purchased parts fit into the holes designed by the car manufacturer.

It is good that the speakers can also be connected to the radio still installed at the brand’s factory. With proper spacing, as well as matching other parameters, you will be able to enjoy music in excellent quality that will be emitted by a set that works as well as possible.

Important steps to take at the beginning

The installation of the speakers and their proper placement are the things that we need to pay attention to if we want to listen to music in good quality. You need to check the dimensions, and see if you can build on the previous installation or if you need to install additional components. You may need specialized tools and parts to do this, so it’s a good idea to see if any items will be needed during the repair.

Where should speakers be located – how does their placement affect sound quality?

Speakers in the car should be properly placed. Only then you can count on high quality music and enjoy it while driving. You should follow the rule that says that woofers should be located lower and tweeters higher. Why is it important?

For a simple reason. Tweeters emit frequencies that cut through newer sounds. Positioning them closer to the ear has the effect of making them very well and clearly audible. A reverse configuration could cause the transparency of the sound to be compromised and even the best quality equipment would not help.

It is also a good idea to place a subwoofer in the back of the car, for example in the trunk. This type of sound system is usually very powerful and its different location could generate a characteristic buzz, not associated with good quality at all.

What aspects should be considered to improve the sound quality?

The proper placement of speakers in the car is undoubtedly a very important element. There are, however, other aspects that are worth paying attention to. This is a very good way to make sure that the doors are sealed. This can be done with a bitumen compound, for example. In this way the sound will not “escape” to the outside or the emitted waves will not be reflected in the interior of the door construction. In addition, it is worth damping the space between the speaker and the sheathing, for example, with a sponge.

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