How to design your car audio? Aesthetics matter

How to design your car audio? Aesthetics matter

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Every lover of good sounds should be interested in the subject of car audio. Your car can also serve as a place where you can listen to your favorite music in proper quality – especially if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel because of your job.

If you want to slowly and steadily build up your sound system, you need to choose your equipment carefully. You usually invest in a good radio tuned to a multi-channel amplifier. The most common choice is such a four-channel one, with all speakers connected. The system then provides very high quality sound

If our car is relatively new it probably has a built-in serial radio with a CD player. The sound quality is often not what we expect, sometimes the range of tone control is too small or there is no sound at all. In this case, we have no choice but to buy a quality car radio.

The phrase “good class” does not mean great hi-fi equipment for an exorbitant price. The market is now rich in many models in the price range accessible to the average Kowalski. They offer very good sound and the possibility of adjusting it to our preferences. Purchase of such radio is the basis for car audio installation.

Start with… a question

The work on the sound system should start with deciding on the destination. Why is it so important? When deciding to build a car audio system, we have to equip ourselves with elements that are not cheapest, and a potential change of plan involves additional costs. It all depends primarily on what kind of music you listen to and what you expect from your car audio system.

A high-end system also means serious installation issues. In order to take advantage of the capabilities of expensive and advanced equipment, you need to invest in much better accessories, materials and perfect fit. And that means a long and high bill.

A handful of technical information

Know that we divide speakers into 4 basic types

  • tweeters,
  • midrange speakers,
  • woofers,
  • subwoofers.

Each type corresponds to an output with a specific timbre. Tweeters, also known as strips, are usually very small. They are responsible for all kinds of rustling and high tones. If you want to install them, remember to do it near the driver’s ears, preferably on the windshield pillars.

Midrange or woofer speakers are best placed in series mounting points, usually in door panels. Those connected in series are usually small in diameter, so a new, larger speaker will not fit into a series adapter

Such an adapter should be removed and replaced with a 1.5 cm thick MDF ring. Rings of this type are readily available for many popular car models. It is important that the speaker is firmly attached to the adapter, which in turn is attached to the door panels. This results in better sound depth.

When connecting all components of the car audio system, you should use wires with appropriate diameter – they ensure that the full potential of the device is used. When connecting the radio to the power source it is best to use signal cables, which are much more resistant to interference.

After all, even a professional and carefully assembled sound system does not guarantee crystal clear sound quality. Along the way, you may encounter many side problems that interfere with the operation of the entire system.

(Photo: Cesar Perez/pexels)

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