Safety systems you can have in your car – we discuss modern solutions

Safety systems you can have in your car – we discuss modern solutions

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Are you facing the choice of a new car and one of your requirements is that it should facilitate safe driving?

Today, modern cars use safety systems that make both the driver and other road users safer. Do you want to find out what these systems are? Then be sure to read our overview.

ABS – what is it and how does it work?

The system is responsible for preventing the wheels in the car from locking during braking. Its work consists, among other things, in measuring the speed of each wheel in the car. Thanks to this it is able to dose the appropriate pressure of the hydraulic system to all circuits. This makes the car is able to brake while turning

More and more cars are enriched with this system, which makes it easier to protect yourself from skidding, and if anything, you can get your vehicle out of it faster. However, if you’ve never owned a car with this safety system before, remember that you must depress the brake pedal all the way down during emergency braking in a car with ABS.

Automatic braking system

Another safety system that is used in modern cars is automatic braking. How does it look like in practice? This system works up to a speed of 30 km/h. If it senses an obstacle, and the driver does not slow down, it itself sends a signal to the braking system, by which braking begins

How is this possible? This type of system works together with ESP, which is a radar sensor and a camera that is positioned in the direction of travel. In this way the vehicle is able to register the presence of an approaching obstacle and this allows it to brake in good time if the driver does not react himself.

Systems to detect other vehicles in the blind spot in the mirror

The existence of a blind spot in the car mirror makes it easy to have a collision or a more serious accident. This is the reason why modern cars are fitted with systems that detect vehicles in this area.

How does it work? It warns drivers in many ways. Currently, vibrations, sound or light effects are used to inform the driver that there is another vehicle in the blind spot. These types of systems work through ultrasonic sensors that are mounted in the car.

Lane Keeping Systems

Another safety system that takes care of the driver and other road users is warning and keeping the car in the right lane

How it works In modern cars, cameras are installed that are able to check if the vehicle is moving in its lane and when it approaches the edge of the lane. If the car starts to veer the wrong way, the driver is alerted by the vibration of the steering wheel.

A system that checks driver fatigue levels

Systems that can detect driver fatigue levels are also used. Among other things, steering wheel movements, position, head tilt, blinking, and driving stability are examined. If the system detects alarming signs of fatigue, it will send a message to the driver indicating that a break from driving is necessary.

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