Blind spots – what technology can eliminate them?

Blind spots – what technology can eliminate them?

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A blind spot is a dangerous phenomenon that I’m sure has happened to every driver at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, it is a problem that can lead to a collision or a serious accident

So it’s worth learning what exactly a blind spot is, as well as ways to remove it. Read our guide and find out what solutions car manufacturers offer in new models. Can modern technology reduce this problem completely or is it not possible?

Is blind spot dangerous?

This concept should be familiar to every driver. A blind spot can be observed when entering a main road from a side street. When you look in your rearview mirror, you need to be very careful. In your side mirror, you can’t see all the cars that are coming toward you. This makes you think that the road is clear, while the truth is that the vehicle that is near you is in your blind spot, making you unable to see it. Unfortunately, at times like this, it is difficult to determine if something is actually coming your way or if you can safely enter the main street. This is exactly why this is a very dangerous problem for any road user. If you want to increase the feeling of safety on the road, it is essential to find out what are the ways to reduce it.

How to eliminate the blind spot yourself?

There is a way to minimize the blind spot in every mirror in your car. To do this, you will need to align your mirrors accurately. It’s worth noting that you should be able to see the side of your car in the mirror, as well as the space behind it. If you want to determine if your blind spot has been eliminated, it is essential that you perform a test. But be sure to do it not on the street, but in a parking lot, preferably with a friend. If the mirror is set up correctly and the blind spot has been eliminated, the moment the car behind you disappears from your field of vision in the mirror, you will begin to be visible in the vehicle window. However, if you still can’t see it in the window after it disappears in the mirror, that means it is in your blind spot.

However, keep in mind that even though your mirrors are well adjusted, there is still a lot of risk involved and you should use caution on the roadway.

Aspherical mirrors

Fortunately, modern technology allows vehicles to be developed in such a way that safety can be improved while driving. One method is aspheric mirrors. They look almost the same as those on traditional models, yet their glass is slightly curved and faces outward. This allows them to show much more space than mirrors with a straight surface. This makes it possible to deal with blind spots. However, this solution also does not give one hundred percent certainty, and here too the driver must trust only himself. However, you can see much more in the mirrors.

Blind spot assistant

The most effective solution is the blind spot assistant, which is installed in some cars. A red symbol appears on the mirror to let the driver know that a car is approaching in their direction, although the person behind the wheel is unable to see it. This is when the vehicle is in a blind spot. The assistant works by having small cameras and mirrors on the outside of almost every side of the car, which redirects information to the vehicle’s computer and tells it if any cars are in the blind spot or if the road is safe.

So if you want to drive a safer vehicle, be sure to opt for models that come with blind spot assist. Of course, you can try adjusting the mirrors on your classic vehicle yourself, but that doesn’t always work.


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