Innovative solutions for vans – making transport easier

Innovative solutions for vans – making transport easier

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Delivery vans are an integral part of any company. They make transporting products much easier. Here are some of the innovations that have been made in these vehicles.

The Opel Combo Cargo – driving and manoeuvring assistance

The Opel Combo Cargo boasts a wide range of features. It’s a very spacious car that facilitates daily business transport. There are up to 19 driving, manoeuvring and safety systems. One of the most practical devices, which are placed in the presented vehicle, is a reversing camera Surround Rear Vision. It is perfect for situations in which the van is carrying a load reaching almost to the roof, and therefore the visibility is very limited. With the camera you can easily park virtually anywhere. Combo Cargo also has a set of Flank Guard sensors, which assist the driver during even the most complicated maneuvers. The equipment of the car can be optionally extended with the IntelliGrip electronic traction control system. If the van will be used on sandy or snowy roads, this solution will be a hit

Fiat Doblo XL – transport without limits

Another vehicle in the list of the most innovative delivery vans is the Fiat Doblo XL. The design solutions which have been applied in it allow maximum loading of the vehicle. The rear doors are as high as 1455 mm, which makes it easier to access the goods transported. The height of the load compartment itself is 1550 mm. The car has a modern rear suspension of bi-link type. Thanks to this, it is possible to pack the load up to the maximum load of 1200 kg and 1450 kg – front and rear respectively.

Volkswagen Caddy with ESP system

The Volkswagen Caddy is undoubtedly one of the most versatile delivery vans you will come across. During the week, it will be perfect as a business vehicle, and at weekends – as a family car. Caddy is equipped with ESP system of the latest generation. It has a significant impact on safety while driving. It is a development of ABS and ASR systems – it combines functions of both systems. It maintains excellent steerability and stability of the vehicle and also facilitates driving uphill and prevents slipping of wheels on wet or frozen surfaces.

Ford Transit Custom – ideal for hauling long objects and more

The Ford Transit Custom is a sensational van, especially dedicated to drivers who want high comfort and freedom of transport. Thanks to modern technical solutions it offers a number of transport possibilities. One of such solutions is the use of a special opening in the partition, thanks to which it is possible to transport very long objects. What is also noteworthy is the integrated roof rack, which can be unfolded or folded if necessary. Also present in the Ford Transit Custom are advanced systems that make everyday driving easier. These include the lane control system and the communication system – SYNC, which is activated by voice.

Volkswagen Transporter – combines all the best

Volkswagen Transporter is distinguished by a large load space, the capacity of which is as much as 9.3m3. With this vehicle you can transport practically everything without any problems. The performance of Transporter also deserves appreciation. It is available with four powerful diesel engines TDI with Common Rail technology and two petrol engines TSI. When it comes to equipment, the presented van has a lot to boast about. It has among others ESP system with braking assistant, lane change assistant Side Assist, parking assistant Rear Assist, fog lamps with the possibility of lighting up corners, as well as an innovative coming/leaving home function. It consists of a delayed switching off of the low beam headlights, the rear lights and the number plate illumination. This solution is intended to increase the safety of persons getting out of the vehicle, e.g. during goods delivery

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