Modern car keys – what do they allow you to do?

Modern car keys – what do they allow you to do?

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Currently, the automotive market is developing dynamically. Every season there are novelties that delight car lovers. The changes concern not only the appearance of cars and their parameters, but also the keys.

There are innovative solutions thanks to which operating a car becomes easy and comfortable. If you want to learn more about this topic, you have to read our list.

Modern car keys – adapted to a driver

There are cars on the market in which the keys perfectly fit the driver. They can note that one vehicle is driven by two different drivers, so the vehicle will adapt to their individual needs and preferences. This more or less means that when one driver approaches the vehicle, the seat in the car is adjusted to be in the position that the person has set for themselves. But that’s not all – modern keys can even start the radio and turn on your favorite station. These are very interesting solutions that make car owners do not have to set the seat according to their preferences every time or turn on a selected station. What other solutions do modern car keys offer?

The possibility of opening the car from a distance

Not many people realize it, but there are keys that automatically swing the door open when the owner approaches the car. This eliminates the need to pull on the door handle or insert the key into the lock. This works the other way as well. If the car door is not closed tightly, the car will close all pairs by itself when the key is moved away. This is another safety feature that reduces the risk of theft. Such keys were available years ago, but now this technology has been developed, so that it works more efficiently and fewer failures are observed in this system.

Controlling vehicle parameters from the key

Car keys that have a small built-in computer and are equipped with a mini-screen are a great convenience. On it you can display information about the car. What exactly can be read from such a key? It shows where the car is, whether all the doors are closed, whether the lights have been turned off, whether the engine is turned off. However, this is basic information. In addition, you can check many parameters of the vehicle. You can find out what fuel or energy level the vehicle has. There is also information about the tire pressure and tread wear level. One can also check the amount of windshield washer fluid, oil level. Thanks to this, the owner has information about when to go to the service. This makes the use of the car much simpler.

Car key with an application on the phone

Current technology allows you to connect your car key to your phone. It is enough to download an application to your phone to be able to operate the car from its level. However, this is a very innovative solution that has only recently appeared on the market. Because of this, only the latest vehicles from the major car manufacturers have this option. This is a very convenient solution, because in the application you can check all the parameters that were mentioned above. The key, on the other hand, is not equipped with a display and usually has a very small size.

Small keys that do not take up space

The problem of hiding the key in the trouser pocket occurs in almost every driver, regardless of gender. Until recently, all the car keys were big in size which made them cumbersome and what is more, their weight was also bigger. However, nowadays there are car keys available that are very small and almost imperceptible. This is yet another convenience that makes life better for drivers.

It turns out that a lot has really changed over the years on this topic. Brands producing car keys already announce new innovations, so it is worth to follow their actions.


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