Safety systems – what is the future of motoring?

Safety systems – what is the future of motoring?

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We are witnessing constant changes in the automotive industry. It is very likely that in the future a driver’s license will become redundant. Eventually, cars will start driving us around. With the introduction of autonomous technology, will seatbelts and airbags become redundant? It is certain that sensors and cameras will play first fiddle in the safety systems of the future. Here’s a rundown of futuristic safety systems.

Futuristic safety

Animal detector

Animals too often fall victim to traffic. For example, according to AAA, more than 1.5 million accidents are caused by deer each year. Thanks to new technologies such as radar and built-in cameras, appropriate systems will warn the driver of the potential danger and initiate the braking process

Automotive giants such as Volvo, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are already developing systems that help avoid collisions with wildlife.


Storms, fog or snowfall are all associated with worsening road conditions. A reduced field of vision is particularly dangerous not only for us, but also for other road users. Infrared technology comes to the rescue to detect obstacles in even the densest fog. Audi, Ford, BMW and Toyota are developing a solution that may soon hit the consumer market

Remote engine shutdown

Sometimes there is a need to remotely turn off the engine – whether it be a reckless driver who is a danger to himself and others, or someone who forgot to pay overdue fines. Remote engine extinguishing is a technology that will put a vehicle out of commission within a 50-meter radius. General Motors and Toyota in particular are known for their work in this area

It goes without saying that the engineers of this technology are faced with quite a challenge. Turning off the engine while driving is at least as dangerous as a drunk driver

Interestingly, several million cars are currently equipped with this technology.

Taking control of your car

Not all cars of the future will be autonomous – some will avoid this judgment. Semi-autonomous vehicles will be equipped with systems that, if necessary, will take complete control of the car to defensively lead us out of a dangerous situation. The pioneers of this solution are Nissan, Volkswagen, Volvo and Toyota.

Dynamic traffic alerts

It is very important for car companies that their vehicles are connected to a road map updated in real time. This will keep the driver informed about sudden changes in road conditions along the designated route. One can say that it will be Yanosik on steroids. Companies such as Toyota, General Motors or Mercedes-Benz are investing in this technology.

Fingerprint reader

It is very likely that the solution known from the current generation of cell phones will also make its way to cars. It will eliminate the need for car keys. Just a print of your fingerprints will be enough to get into the car in a quick way

Additionally, this technology, currently being designed by Mitsubishi, Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen, would prevent many thefts

Active driver control

Active driver control technology would help prevent accidents caused by fatigue, low blood pressure, or a driver’s blood alcohol level. According to Dr. Achim Lindner, who works at Ford’s new technology research center – the car will also detect cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks. Besides Ford, Mercedes and Lexus are also researching this type of technology

External airbags

The last safety issue of the future will be unusual airbags. We all know very well how useful this technology is. What if we could take it a step further? What if airbags located outside the vehicle could prevent serious collisions? Surely this would be a revolutionary solution that would further improve our safety on the roads.

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