Modern sports car cooling systems – what can be fitted?

Modern sports car cooling systems – what can be fitted?

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You want to upgrade and improve the performance of your modern and sporty vehicle. If this is the case, you need to know that different types of cooling systems are installed in modern sports vehicles. If you want to upgrade them, it’s essential to find out what types are available on the market and how they differ from each other. You can find out by reading our guide, in which we take an in-depth look at this topic.

Direct cooling system – what you should know about it?

In modern cars you can meet with a direct cooling system. How does it work? This is a system in which there is a direct exchange of warm air. This change saturates between the elements of the equipment and the surrounding air. It is worth knowing that in this case, the speed and volume of the exchanged air depends on the speed at which the air flows around the hot elements. Usually, cars equipped with this cooling system have an additional fan, which is responsible for blowing air so that it is possible to increase its speed. One interesting fact about this is that this system is usually found in cars with an internal combustion engine.

Cooling system with dry cylinder liners

In modern sports vehicles, you can find a cooling system with dry cylinder liners. The distinctive feature of this system is that the coolant in the cooling system does not come into direct contact with the cylinder liners, so they are dry. It may seem that this solution is reliable, as it has been used in many vehicles for years. However, you should know that it is slightly less effective and efficient than the cooling system with wet cylinder liners, which we will present in the next part of our guide.

Wetted cylinder liner cooling system

In this case, the coolant that is in the cooling system is in direct contact with the bushings. Liquid cooling takes place over the entire surface of the bushings, so it seems to be a much more efficient solution. It is worth to know that this system is mostly used in the most expensive sports cars, because it is a modern solution. Due to the fact that the cooling liquid is in direct contact with the bushings, it has a more effective action and contributes to higher heat dissipation. This system is recommended for vehicles with powerful engines and those that are able to reach high speeds. This system is able to provide better cooling not only to the bushings, but also to other parts near them.

Indirect self-circulating cooling system – what should you know?

A popular solution is the indirect reciprocating cooling system, which is used in sports cars. In this case the movement of the coolant in the system depends on the temperature of the engine water and the radiator. It is important to know that hot fluid is lighter than cold fluid and therefore flows upwards. This is what makes it possible to push the hot water outwards, which helps maintain the right temperature. In this case, it is possible to regulate the cooling intensity thanks to the motor. A higher engine temperature makes the cold liquid in the cooling system move faster, which ensures that better cooling results are achieved.

Direct-forced cooling system

This type of cooling system is most commonly used on cars with a combustion engine. The circulation is forced, which means that it is caused by a circulation pump that excites the coolant to move. This makes it possible to increase the cooling efficiency of the system.

It turns out that there are really quite a few modern cooling systems. It is worth knowing to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations so that the best results can be achieved.


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