How to aesthetically install speakers in the car?

How to aesthetically install speakers in the car?

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Read how to install speakers in your car in a simple and aesthetic way. We have a few practical tips for you, which will significantly facilitate the work.

Loudspeaker installation and repair work is often associated with unexpected situations. Proper workmanship while maintaining aesthetics is possible by dividing the whole work into stages.

Preparing a set of necessary tools

Any work related to the installation and repair involves the preparation of appropriate equipment and tools, without which it is difficult to achieve a satisfactory result. In the case of installation of speakers, you must first of all take into account the fact that they should be mounted to the door sheathing. This is quite a difficult and time-consuming part of the work, so you should prepare the most necessary tools in advance. They will help you with the whole project of replacing the sound system. For this you will need:

  • soldering iron and tin,
  • flat and Phillips screwdrivers of different sizes,
  • soundproofing mats,
  • upholstery pullers,
  • speaker adapters,
  • speaker spacers.

Removing the door upholstery

To begin installing the new sound system, you must first remove the door upholstery where the new speaker will be installed. To do this:

  • locate and lever up all the caps with a special puller or knife wrapped in a soft cloth;
  • remove the screws;
  • grasp and pull the upholstery without damaging the clips;
  • disconnect the window control wiring harness and other wiring that impedes the release of the upholstery.

Inexperienced people should take care to maintain the aesthetics and quality of the work. For this purpose, it is best to look at online forums or automotive websites. There are often published special videos showing the properly performed installation work of this type, especially showing the places where the screws and plugs are hidden. This is a great help in a situation when we do not know where they are.

Installing door soundproofing

After removing the side of the door, it is still good to take care of additional aesthetics of the sound produced. To do this, you need to properly soundproof the door. There are several reasons why soundproofing a door is particularly important. It makes it possible to block off constructional openings, thus sealing the door and generating even higher sound pressure through the loudspeaker. In addition, the mats that are used to cover the outside of the doors stiffen the chamber and serve to absorb the waves emitted from the back of the speaker cone. This, in turn, has a large impact on reducing resonance and sound distortion. Ultimately, soundproofing improves the effective operation of the speaker and enhances the bass

To properly soundproof a door, it is first necessary to cover its external and internal parts with a special self-adhesive mat. Products that have butyl rubber in their composition are most appreciated because of its damping properties. Considering the manufacturers of mats, it is worth paying special attention to such as Dynamat and Bitmat

The front door can be soundproofed, falling within the limits of 200 zł. However, everything depends on the quality and quantity of materials used.

Removing old speakers and installing new ones

To dismantle the old speakers, only a few screws need to be removed. The situation is more difficult when installing the new sound system. To do this, you need to use special mounting spacers, necessary to fit into the factory holes. In some cases, special holes must be drilled to attach the spacers to the sheet metal. However, a screwdriver will not be needed in every case. A particularly recommended material is MDF, which is very good at eliminating resonances and vibrations

Before screwing the speakers to the spacer, connect the power cords. If the adapters are designed for this car model, you only need to plug some plugs into the appropriate sockets. Otherwise, you need to solder the cut wires to the connectors on the speaker. Remember to mount them in the same way, that is, if you connect the cables of one color to the plus connector in the left speaker, you should do the same in the right speaker

Mounting the upholstery and soundproofing

Once you’ve attached the wiring and bolted the speaker to the sheet metal, it’s a good idea to test the sound system’s operation. When everything is working properly, screw the upholstery back on. If you have soundproofed the doors, cover them with soft rubber foam on the inside. This way, the upholstery vibrating won’t have a bad effect on your music listening.


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