Tweeters in the car – why should you have them?

Tweeters in the car – why should you have them?

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Like woofers, their tweeter counterparts serve an extremely important function in a car audio system. They provide a wide frequency range of sound that translates into a musical experience and better sound quality.

High tones

Very often, the factory car audio system does not perform its primary function well enough. These speakers only deliver the necessary minimum needed to produce sound. If you need to increase audio quality and frequency response, you may be tempted to compose a sound system from scratch – including better quality tweeters.

However, pay special attention to the condition of the electrical system. Building an audio system is all about playing with electricity and wires – it is very easy to make a cardinal mistake that can end tragically.

Why are treble so important?

The human body is designed to register sounds from a certain range of audible tones. Supporting this innate ability, professional audio systems work by exploiting an illusion commonly referred to as the acoustic stage. This procedure takes advantage of our natural tendencies to provide the best listening experience

For example, mid-tones are characterized by longer wavelengths of sound propagation than their higher counterparts. Therefore, speakers responsible for filling the midrange spectrum can easily be mounted lower, usually inside the door. Next, bass tones are the longest propagating sound waves. To produce this type of sound, you need speakers with a large enough diaphragm and a larger power source. Bass boxes are very often mounted in the trunk due to the fact that, despite the greater distance, they have no problem reaching the listener’s ear.


Types of

A tweeter (and often the buzzer itself) is designed to reproduce high frequencies. Speakers of this type are available individually or as part of a two-piece or three-piece set. They look like tiny speakers, but despite their modest size they can do real wonders inside the cabin of the car by adding resonance and pushing the volume limit. Already after connecting additional speakers you can appreciate the difference in sound quality.

Conventional tweeters are flat or slightly convex. Their horn counterparts are slightly larger than conventional tweeters because they incorporate a horn element that forms a directional diagram. This makes them better able to fill the higher spectrum of sound. Note that tweeters are easier to install than subwoofers because of their compact size and purpose.

Manufacturers recommend several strategic locations for tweeters – usually at ear height, where they will do the best job. In theory, the higher, the better. Nevertheless, not everyone agrees with this opinion. This type of configuration is not always a symbol of practicality and comfort. Everything depends on the circumstances and individual preferences of the user. It is worth noting that there is no single solution that would work in every situation.


Treble is that part of the audible spectrum whose appropriate quantity and quality gives the impression of clear and clean sound. However, tweeters only serve to amplify the sound – without the accompaniment of other car audio components, treble cannot be listened to with pleasure. At the same time, you will very quickly notice the lack of this type of bandwidth.

Due to their unique purpose, tweeters are most often located under the windscreen, making the center of the audio stage appear to move forward. This is a beneficial phenomenon that contributes to the impression of music being played from the front of the vehicle.

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