What speakers to choose for a small vehicle?

What speakers to choose for a small vehicle?

Sound system
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A good car sound system is a dream of almost every driver. It not only modernizes and diversifies the interior of the car, but most of all it increases the comfort of driving. During a long journey music can become a way to survive. Owners of small cars often have problems with choosing a speaker which will have good power and, what is more, will not take up valuable free space of driver or passengers.

Speakers for a small car

A quality speaker for a car should, above all, have a clear sound. However, it is worth knowing that the serial speakers installed in most cars, do not meet the expectations of drivers by poor quality. This is why so many people look for a sound system. However, if the car is small, the speaker must not be too big because it will take up too much space, making it cramped

When choosing, you should pay attention to the power value, which should be at least 1.5 more than the power of the amplifier. It is worth paying attention to the parameter marked with the symbol RMS – constant power value. Another parameter to consider when choosing a car speaker is the frequency response. Most people are able to hear the band in the range of 16Hz- 20kHz.

Types of car speakers – what should you know?

Before buying, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of car speakers that are available in the market. You can find cone, dome, carbon and piezoelectric speakers in stores. Cone speakers are the most popular because they are distinguished by their stiffened diaphragm, especially those with low and midrange tones. Dome speakers do best with high and midrange tones. The other two types aren’t often chosen because they don’t do very well in cars, and that’s because they have poor quality when it comes to frequency response – Hz.

Alpine SXE-1750S

This is one of the most popular car speaker models, which is perfect for small vehicles. It stands out with its 280 watts of power. Its diameter is 16.5 cm, which makes it not take up much space. In addition, its frequency response is 60 – 20000 Hz. It is a perfect choice for every fan of good music and motorization. There are as many as four speakers in one set. They impress with their small size and modern design. You can buy them for relatively low price as they are available in stores for about 220 PLN.

Kruger&Matz KM300T11

Popular car speakers that are worth investing in. The peak power of this model is as much as 800 W. Thanks to that, they are perfect for both smaller and bigger cars. Frequency range of this model is 25 – 1500 Hz. This way you can be sure that the sound will be clear and there will be no interference while listening to your favorite song. More power and still attractive price. This model can be purchased for about 300 PLN.

Alpine SWG-1044

A frequent choice is model Alpine SWG-1044, which is perfect for small cars. Its mined power is 500 W, which is enough to listen to music in a small car without any interference. The minimum frequency response is 30 Hz, which is able to satisfy even the most demanding music fans. This model can be purchased for about 350 PLN.

Peiying PY-BC250F1 (PYBC250F1)

Another recommended speaker for a small car is Peiying PY-BC250F1 (PYBC250F1) model, which maximum power reaches 300 Watts. It is enough to fill the whole car with music of deep and clear sound. Modern design will certainly appeal to car enthusiasts who care about the aesthetics of their car. This is one of the cheapest options. You can buy this speaker for less than 200 PLN.

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