Modern suspension systems – find out how they work

Modern suspension systems – find out how they work

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You should know that one of the most important parts of any car is the suspension. There are several types of them, and the suspensions in modern cars can surprise you.

What is the suspension in the car?

Before we find out what modern car suspensions are, it is worth finding out what this part of the vehicle even is and what it is responsible for. It is a system used in cars that is designed to reduce the shocks that may occur while driving. On every road vibrations may appear, which in too high intensity may have a negative impact on the work of other elements of the car, and also reduce the comfort of driving

In order to avoid such problems, the suspension system is used. It is also designed to provide greater stability to the car while driving. Its function, of course, is to reduce vibrations that are caused by bumps on the road, but that is not all. Vibration can also be caused by the operation of the engine and transmission. However, the suspension reduces their vibrations

Modern suspensions that keep you comfortable while driving

A few years ago, the suspension system was not as refined as it is today. This component now takes care not only of the safety of the car, but most importantly of the passengers. It may seem that it is not an important part of the vehicle. However, it is worth remembering that even freshly made roads have bumps. They appear both on city roads and highways

If not for the suspension, which separates the wheels from the body, every bump would be felt by the driver and passengers. This would have a negative impact on their well-being and in some cases even their health. It is also a dangerous situation in which other parts of the car are exposed to shocks. Because of this, they could be damaged.

How does the suspension work in a car?

Today, modern suspension systems work by using springs and a shock absorber. Both these components are made of durable and strong materials. When you drive on a roadway that is uneven, there is an energy capture by the spring that is balanced at that time. As a result, the shock is not felt as strongly in the car and the load is not transferred to the body. In this way, this system takes care not only of comfort, but also the safety of the engine and its uninterrupted operation.

What are the types of suspension in the car?

It is worth knowing that there are different types of suspension, which consist of different components and, moreover, have a slightly different way of operation. In the market there are distinguished:

  • dependent suspension – makes the force generated during the shock and acting on one wheel is transferred to the other. This solution in the automotive industry is very popular, and all because it is very durable. Most often this type of suspension is used in trucks and buses;
  • independent suspension – in this case the force, which affects one wheel, does not affect the other and thus does not lead to their disruption. This solution is less durable, but it provides high comfort to the occupants of the car. So it is no wonder that more and more people are choosing to use them in modern cars.

You already know everything about the suspension system. Then you are easily able to choose for yourself a car with this type, which will meet all your expectations.

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