Mechanical air purifiers in the car – what are these inventions?

Mechanical air purifiers in the car – what are these inventions?

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Research conducted by a London institute has shown that children transported to school by car inhale much more harmful substances than those who get there on foot or by bike. A similar situation may occur in Polish cities. To fight the pollution, it is worth investing in an air purifier!

Have you ever wondered how many dangerous volatile substances end up in the cabin of your car? Of course, we all know that cabin filters are not new, but studies have shown that they cannot cope with all types of air pollution.

This is when air purifiers come into action, which not only remove the finest dust and dangerous volatile compounds, but also offer the user many other useful features.

Air, and why it needs to be purified

As we know, Poland does not rank among the top countries that maintain low levels of pollution in the air. Compared to our neighbors, we have a lot to make up for. What’s more, several Polish cities are high on the list of the most polluted places in the world!

While emissions from a diesel engine in the lab may fully comply with standards, driving in the city – through constant starting, braking and standing in traffic jams – leads to a significant increase in environmental pollution – including road pollution.

We know very well what havoc hazardous volatile compounds cause in the body. If we also take into account the fact that we are in contact with them every day, the situation becomes really alarming. For this reason, we should take care of proper air purifiers, which will make our lungs finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Manufacturers are doing their utmost to reduce the emission of exhaust fumes, as they are forced to do by the European emission standards. Only at the beginning of this year, another, this time the fifth version of European standards was introduced.

However, test results are very different from those on the road – resulting in the recent scandal in the automotive world over hypocritical testing

Although we are moving towards a reality where combustion vehicles have been eliminated in favor of electric and hybrids, it will be several more decades before the dream becomes reality.

How air purifiers work

Every air purifier has a double or triple layer of filters. The first layer is responsible for cleaning the air that is sucked in. The next layer uses HEPA technology, which traps even the smallest particles of pollution, the accumulation of which can be very dangerous to our health. The last, basic filter layer is HESA, which is responsible for catching harmful gases

It is worth noting that devices of this type work with the efficiency of about 10-14 m3 per hour! This means that the cabin of a medium-sized car will be free of pollution, including allergens, after just a few minutes. The built-in display informs about the use of the filter

What about installation? Nothing easier! Thanks to the popularization of cabin sockets, in practically every car we will find a suitable place to which we will be able to connect our device. What is more, practical and proven solutions make it easy to mount the purifier inside the cabin – from now on, you do not have to worry about changing the position of the device at every, even the gentlest turn. Just take a deep breath and forget about the whole thing!


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