How and where to mount a bass speaker? Suggestions and solutions

How and where to mount a bass speaker? Suggestions and solutions

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Bass speaker, or subwoofer, is not a basic element of car audio installed in serial cars. However, if you are a fan of good sound, such a speaker should not be missing! Where to install it? Check it out!

A lot of resonant elements, irregular shapes, relatively poor damping and soundproofing – all this makes it really hard to listen to music in a quality car. If you have a trained ear, you will know what we are talking about. The interior itself is not the only complication. In series cars (except for special versions) there are no most important speakers which guarantee great experience, namely bass speakers. Midrange and treble speakers are fine when listening to songs quietly, but when you turn up the volume, you immediately regret it. How to make it different? Install a subwoofer yourself! You have several options for this.

Installing a bass speaker in the trunk

We’ll start with the most popular solution that guarantees the best experience. The trunk in many cars is the largest usable area. This immediately gives you room to experiment and a lot of possibilities. You can fit a sizable subwoofer in the trunk, which you’ll appreciate when listening to music. What is important, even if you need a little more space, because, let’s say, you have children or often transport suitcases – you will simply bet on a slightly smaller bass speaker. Then you won’t run out of legroom in the car, whether on the seats or under or beside them, at the expense of the subwoofer. You must remember, however, that then you need a sizable cable, which will be pulled from the dashboard itself, through the doors or the floor, all the way to the trunk. In our opinion, however, this is the most sensible solution, but importantly, not the only one!

Subwoofer on the seat? Is it even possible?

The term “rural tuning” fits here best. Unfortunately this is the term used most often to describe really misguided car tunings. We are talking here about both the exterior of the car and its interior. One of the elements that completely fails to work in practice is the subwoofer mounted on the rear seat. Apart from the fact that its stability leaves much to be desired, it should be remembered that a speaker of this kind should be placed on a hard, stable surface. This is some suggestion, but we do not recommend it.

Bass coming from under the chair? Quite reasonable solution

Another possibility is to mount a bass speaker under the seat. It can be the driver’s or passenger’s seat. Of course, if the design of the car in this part allows it. However, you must remember that you have a somewhat limited room for maneuver here. You will only mount a subwoofer under the seat that is designed for this. It’s such a small box, quite flat, which is what the mounting surface requires of it. Although it can’t compare to a bass speaker, several times larger, mounted in the trunk, it still provides a good dose of new power. So if you don’t want a sizable box in the trunk that severely limits the primary purpose of this part of the car, go for a subwoofer under the seat. It is always an improvement in sound, and if you like to listen to music in the car, in addition, often travel, it will be an invaluable change for you. In addition, such bass “boxes” are a relatively cheap solution.

Other speakers in car audio

You must not forget that it does not end with the bass speaker. Car audio is also a system of midrange and tweeter speakers. The mid-range speakers should be mounted in the doors, be it front or rear. Nothing prevents them from being in both places at once. Under the windshield is the area for the tweeters. We are well aware of the fact that most vehicle manufacturers do not pay much attention to the audio in the car. You then have to make do on your own (if you value good sound). So bet on midrange and tweeter speakers, choose one of the places to install subwoofer and enjoy the music on the go!


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