How do I mount a subwoofer in my car? Best Practices

How do I mount a subwoofer in my car? Best Practices

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Subwoofers, or woofers, are an essential piece of equipment in any car audio system. Although often overlooked by laymen, low tones make the sound quality incomparably better. How to best install a subwoofer in the car?


In stereo car audio systems, the signal is sent through a low-pass filter to the subwoofer, whose job is to separate the low frequency components common to both channels. However, in multi-channel sound systems, a dedicated, separate low-frequency LFE channel labeled “.1” is added to store the sound intended only for the subwoofer and greatly facilitates the operation of the entire system. The advantage of this solution is primarily the elimination of redundant processing and transmission of low frequency components that are common to all channels.

From a purely theoretical point of view, the mentioned additional woofer is used to reproduce sounds with very low frequencies (in the range from 20 to 250 Hz). Why do we use this solution? First of all, there are economic reasons and physical characteristics of hearing.

It is not uncommon that the factory car sound system does not meet expectations in terms of sound quality. Small-diaphragm speakers are not able to produce acoustic waves of sufficient length, so when using the factory settings, we may experience a lack of fill in the lower sound spectrum.

Before undertaking any installation work, make sure that the electrical system in your four-wheeler can handle the load caused by higher than normal power consumption. A larger speaker requires more power.

Why a trunk?

Although sometimes sound enthusiasts choose to mount a subwoofer directly in the cabin of the car, it is much more common to find subwoofers mounted in the trunk of the car.

Why exactly there? Because the characteristics of longer wavelengths mean that the sound source does not need to be very close to the human ear. The propagating sound waves coming from the bass box will easily reach the listener’s ears, unlike the sounds from tweeters. What’s more, it helps build what’s called an acoustic stage. By placing the speakers generating the highest tones at the front, we promote the impression of natural sound origin, to which we are accustomed by concerts or radio. When experimenting with this issue it is worth checking how we perceive treble coming from behind us or from the side.

Midrange tones, on the other hand, propagate much further than their high counterparts. That’s why these types of speakers can be successfully mounted below ear height – in the front doors. It all makes sense, doesn’t it?

The best ways to install them

The fastest and by far the most practical method is the use of dedicated Velcro. In addition to mounting, Velcro also makes it easy to remove, just a few seconds and there is no trace of the subwoofer. However, it is worth mentioning that Velcro wears out very quickly and after several attempts to remove and reinstall it may turn out that a replacement will be required. Nevertheless, this is the best, although not very durable option.

Another patent would be to use ratchet fastening straps. This solution is definitely more durable and stable. Although proper installation may cause some difficulty at first, such a fastening will prove to be reliable.

The last option will be to create or get a dedicated subwoofer box. In addition to the construction, you will also need to skillfully attach it to the trunk surface. A welder is most often used for this purpose.


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